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    Steps to Take Following a Carrollton Car Accident

    When you have been in an auto accident, the first thing you need to do is to stop your car and assess the situation. Many people drive off from what they believe are minor accidents, only to learn later that the other party has been injured and they have left the scene of an accident. Begin by making sure that you are medically stable, and then begin securing the accident scene.

    1. Call for Emergency Help

    Even if you aren’t seriously injured, another party in the accident could be. It’s important to call for emergency help right away if you are able to. It is better for the police to receive numerous calls regarding an accident, rather than no calls at all.

    2. Protect the Scene of the Accident from Further Damage

    If you have road flares, light them to alert other drivers that there has been an accident. If your car flashers work, turn them on. You want to call attention to other drivers so that they don’t become further victims to the accident scene. Do what you can to alert drivers who are on the road that there has been an auto accident. If possible, put up your car’s hood so that it is clear your car is incapacitated.

    3. Check on Other Drivers and Passengers

    If you are medically stable, it’s time to check on other drivers and passengers involved as long as it is safe to do so. Offer any help that you can to injured victims, and let everyone know that help is on the way. Try to remain calm so that the situation does not escalate any further.

    4. Provide an Accurate Account of the Accident to Authorities

    Try to remember the accident as best as you can. As you give your statement to the police, provide as many details as possible. If you are asked if you have been hurt and you aren’t sure, it is ok to say so. Consider the weather conditions, your surroundings and how the accident occurred as you are giving your statement.

    5. Take Pictures at the Scene of the Accident

    If you have the ability to take pictures at the scene of the accident with either a camera or your cell phone, start taking pictures to document the accident correctly. When there is a car accident and people have been hurt, it’s important to document the accident carefully. While you may not know what you are taking pictures of at the time, one of your pictures may help establish who is at fault for the accident that occurred.

    6. Exchange Pertinent Information with Other Drivers, Passengers, and Witnesses

    It’s important that identifying information be gathered for everyone that has been involved in the accident. While the police will be responsible for gathering information, it won’t hurt to exchange information with the other parties who were at the scene. You should provide full names, addresses, phone numbers and car insurance provider to those that you have been involved in the accident with. Gather names and contact information for any witnesses, including those that were passengers in any of the vehicles.

    7. Call Your Insurance Company

    Once you are safe, and you have exchanged information with other drivers, take some time to contact your insurance company and let them know about the accident. Talk with your insurance company about your coverage, and what you should do if you need to seek medical care. Some policies cover payments to medical providers, and you should ask your insurance company about the benefits that you have regarding your coverage.

    8. Remove Valuables from Your Car

    If your car is disabled, gather any valuables that you have within the car and take them with you when help arrives. While you may not be able to take everything of value in your car with you, it’s important to consider gathering up your valuable items.

    9. Get Medical Attention for Your Injuries

    Even if you don’t believe you are seriously injured, you should seek medical attention for your injuries. Many times, pain and stiffness will occur hours after the accident, and not show up right away. When you seek medical attention for your injuries, you begin the process of documenting any potential injuries you have as a result of the accident.

    10. Keep a Record of Everything Involving the Accident

    As you gather information, you need to keep an accurate record of everything that you find. Your record should include medical treatment information, accident reports, and anything else you have that details the accident or treatment provided. When you go to meet an attorney to discuss a potential personal injury case because of the accident, your record will be an essential part of the case if you decide to go forward.

    11. Follow all Treatment Recommendations from Medical Providers

    When you receive medical treatment after a car accident, it’s important to follow the medical advice from treatment providers. When you don’t show up for appointments, or you don’t follow through with treatment for your injuries, it will appear as if you aren’t as injured as you are claiming to be. Even if you are tired of treatment and just don’t believe it will work, you have to follow through with treatment to be able to prove your injuries.

    Importance of Contacting An Attorney

    When you are the victim of a car accident and you have been injured, it’s time to sit down and meet with a qualified attorney who can help you assess your case. In your free initial consultation, you should bring with you all paperwork that you have gathered so that the attorney can take a good look at the entire case. Be ready to talk about the accident, and what your recollection of the accident is.

    Your financial future may depend upon your initial consultation with an attorney regarding a personal injury lawsuit, and your preparation is important.