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    Carrollton Major Roads Accident Lawyer

    Standard streets generally have two lanes of traffic, one going in one direction and the other lane going in the opposite direction. Interstate I-85 is a major interstate highway in the Southeastern United States with four to six lanes of traffic in both directions.

    Georgia is home to three of the busiest interstates in America. Interstate 95 runs along the coast of Georgia, Interstate 75 runs north and south, and Interstate 85 runs northeast to southwest. I-75 and I-85 both run to Atlanta. In 2015, there were more than 385,000 accidents on Georgia’s roads. Urban areas such as the Atlanta Metropolitan counties have a higher number of crashes than rural areas.

    A driver involved in a car accident on a major roadway in Georgia should not move their vehicle until law enforcement arrives and instructs them to do so. They should sit there, calmly wait for law enforcement or emergency personnel to arrive, and only move their vehicle when they tell the driver to do so. For more information on how to proceed following a highway crash, speak with a Carrollton major roads accident lawyer. Speaking with an experienced car accident lawyer could benefit the outcome of your case.

    Major Roads Fact Patterns

    Atlanta traffic is present 22 hours out of every day. Many interstate crashes are rear-end collisions. However, in the more rural areas, interstate crashes can be much more violent with tractor trailers and vehicles crossing the median and coming into the path of oncoming traffic.

    Carrollton major roads accident lawyers know that speeding is a major contributor to highway collisions. Speed is involved in everything from a short alleyway to an interstate highway. While someone is usually traveling faster on an interstate, speed is not good on any road, whether interstate, street, or boulevard.

    What is the Role of Speed Limits in Carrollton?

    The highest speed limit in Georgia is 70 miles per hour on the interstates and some of the more rural areas. Speed can always be a factor on interstates. Unfortunately, most of the high-speed accidents are motorcycle accidents involving high-performance motorcycles. In and around Metro Atlanta, the speed limits can range on the interstate from 35 miles an hour up to 55 miles an hour. Drivers should pay attention to those signs. They are all digital and change by the hour depending on the traffic load in the city.

    Understanding the Role of the Driver

    Usually, a rear-end collision occurs on the interstate during rush hour when there is heavy traffic that comes to a stop. A person should stay there until law enforcement arrives. They should not move to the side of the road until the law enforcement gets there and instructs them to do so.

    When an accident occurs in rural Georgia and the vehicle is still operable, the driver should move it to the side of the road and exit the vehicle if they are able to. They should move up into the trees on the side of the road or far enough away from the road to be safe when they call 911.

    Drivers should make sure they are okay and everyone else is okay. They should contact 911 or make sure someone does. Carrollton major roads accident lawyers would recommend an individual speak with any witnesses that are around and then be honest with the police officer or state trooper who comes to investigate the crash.