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    Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

    Personal injury accidents alter one’s life materially, and in some cases forever. Many people try to be careful as possible, but it is impossible to control the actions of others. Personal injuries due to someone else’s negligent acts, can alter an individual’s life radically. Sustained injuries can limit one’s ability to work, or even care for himself on a daily basis.

    The hobbies and the activities a person most enjoys can become a thing of the past. When one loses a family member due to a personal injury accident, it can be the ultimate blow.

    If you or a loved has experienced a personal injury, then contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer to assist you with legal matters. Call an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you through this very difficult time.

    Types of Personal Injuries

    Personal injuries can happen in a variety of ways. Below is a brief listing of several common personal injury accidents.

    • Car accidents. The most common causes of automobile accidents are driver fatigue, distracted drivers, aggressive driving, speeding, drunk driving, and the weather. Most car accidents could have been prevented, were it not for negligent driving.
    • Motorcycle Accidents. Clearly, motorcycles offer far less protection for riders in the event of an accident. Also, motorcycles’ small size makes it very difficult for others motorists to spot. Unfortunately, while traffic increases over the years, more motorcycle accidents come with it.
    • Wrongful Death Accidents. Nothing can bring back a lost loved one. Still, a negligent person who has caused a terrible accident needs to be held accountable. Wrongful death actions can encompass numerous types of fatalities, including medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, and car accidents, among many others.
    • Premises Liability. Private and public property owners are required to keep their property safe for those that are legally on the premises. Premises liability actions hold these property owners accountable when someone is harmed due to conditions that are dangerous or hazardous.
    • Work Injuries. People spend a significant amount of time at their jobs every week. Quite often, employees suffer injuries while on the job because of conditions far beyond their control. Work-related injuries can cause one to incur significant medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.
    • Truck Accidents. Accidents involving trucks tend to be more severe, simply because of the weight and size of the trucks. Common causes for truck accidents include drug and alcohol intoxication, driver distraction, improperly loaded vehicles.
    • Other Personal Injury Accidents. There are numerous types of personal injury accidents that Dallas personal injury attorneys work with, in addition to those listed above.

    Statute of Limitations

    After experiencing a personal injury, one must act swiftly. An individual has a limited amount of time to bring a lawsuit after a personal injury occurs. Once a personal injury occurs in Georgia, there are only two years to bring a lawsuit, so personal injury lawyers in Dallas must be promptly contacted.

    Contact a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Today

    Personal injuries can occur in a wide variety of circumstances every day. When accidents are the result of another’s negligent behavior, it often results in serious injuries to others, and at times, death.

    If either you or a loved one has been a victim of a personal injury, Dallas personal injury lawyers are available to work with you to assertively battle on behalf of your case. Call today.