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    Dallas Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

    When someone suffers a workplace injury, they can lose valuable income, making it even more difficult to pay their mounting medical bills. A skilled personal injury attorney could help you file a claim for benefits if you sustained injuries while on the job. Additionally, an experienced and dedicated Dallas workers’ compensation lawyer could provide legal advocacy if the insurance company denies your claim or your employer becomes uncooperative.

    What is Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

    Workers’ compensation insurance offers medical care assistance and monetary compensation for lost wages if an employee gets hurt in a worksite accident. Compensation may be used for medical expenses or funeral arrangements if the employee died. Some of the benefits that an injured employee may receive include:

    • Death benefits
    • Medical benefits
    • Temporary total disability
    • Temporary partial disability
    • Permanent total disability
    • Permanent partial disability

    To qualify for the temporary partial disability, a worker must be unable to perform routine occupational tasks. However, this is under the assumption that they may be able to return to work once they recover.

    An injured party may receive temporary total disability when their injuries reach maximum medical improvement, and they can no longer work at the capacity they did prior to their accident. Permanent partial disability may go to workers who can still complete some of their occupational tasks but are unable to accomplish others.

    Lastly, permanent total disability status occurs when medical improvement cannot happen, and an employee is unable to ever return to work. A Dallas workers’ comp attorney could assess a claimant’s injuries and determine the benefits to which they may be entitled.

    How to File a Claim

    To file a workers’ comp claim, an injured employee must complete a WC-14 form and file it with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Their employer should receive one copy, and the company’s insurance carrier should receive another. Once an employer and their insurance company receive notice of a worker’s injury, they assess the claim and establish the benefits that they may be entitled to based on the severity of their losses. A Dallas lawyer could assist an individual in filing their workers’ compensation claim.

    Employer Retaliation After Filing a Claim

    Although an employer cannot fire a worker for receiving workers’ compensation payments, Georgia is an at-will state, which means a business owner can terminate someone any time for any reason and without notice. Additionally, if an employer retaliates against an employee by giving them a negative performance review, changing their schedule without notice, or denying them a promotion after they file a workers’ comp claim, this could create substantial complications. A seasoned lawyer could guide this individual through their options to take legal action.

    Consult with a Dallas Workers’ Compensation Attorney

    Work-related injuries can create significant complications and stress in your life. Fortunately, a Dallas workers’ compensation lawyer could help you file for benefits and work to ensure that you receive payments that cover the entirety of your losses and expenses. To speak with one of our attorneys, schedule an initial case consultation.