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Carrollton Product Liability Lawyer

It seems like there is a new life-changing medical device introduced every day. The medical product manufacturers promise that their newest product will improve a person’s quality of life or even better save a person’s life.  When a medical device becomes harmful to the human body, injuries and deaths become common.

Our Carrollton product liability lawyers fight to hold medical device manufacturers accountable for putting unfit products on the market and into people’s bodies.  Every year, billions of dollars are spent due to injuries or deaths from defective medical devices.  Call us if you or a loved have suffered injuries that could be caused by a defective medical device in order to discuss filing a mass torts claim.

The FDA’s Fast Track Program for Getting Medical Devices on the Market

The government is notorious for moving slow.  For drug manufacturers and medical device manufacturers, that means they have to wait years to have the Food & Drug Administration approve their products for use by the citizens of America.  These billion dollar companies needed a way to get their products to the market faster.

They got their wish in the form of legislation that fast-tracked new medical devices to the market if the device was “substantially similar” to other, already approved devices.  Under the new legislation, medical devices were approved with having to go through clinical trials and other hoops designed to ensure their safety.  Many of the medical devices approved under this new legislation have proven defective causing thousands of injuries and deaths, warranting the need for a Carrollton product liability attorney.

Cases We Handle

Our Carrollton product liability lawyers are able to work on your behalf for many potential medical device claims. Below are some which we have recently handled:

Contacting Our Carrollton Product Liability Lawyers

Our Carrollton product liability lawyers serve clients throughout Georgia, Alabama, and nationwide.  We have the experience necessary to help you or a loved one that has been injured by a defective medical product. Don’t delay in contacting us today.