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    Carrollton Long Term Disability Lawyer

    Long-term disability insurance policies, whether obtained through an employer or privately, are meant to provide benefits when someone becomes seriously disabled and can no longer work. However, many insurance companies act in bad faith when it comes to paying out insurance proceeds.

    If you have been denied valid long-term disability benefits, contact a Carrollton long-term disability lawyer to discuss your claim, review your long-term disability policy, and determine what courses of legal action are available to you. A skilled personal injury lawyer can work with you to ensure that your rights are protected.

    Understanding Carrollton LTD Issues

    Long-term disability insurance benefits are triggered when someone becomes disabled and can no longer work. While specific disabilities may be defined within the policy, most long-term disability policies cover disabilities when a medical professional has certified that the insured has suffered a disability which prevents them from working.

    That can include being injured in a car accident, contracting a disease, loss of vision or hearing, or anything else that qualifies as a disability. Obtaining long-term disability insurance benefits when someone has become disabled and can no longer work should be easy – at least in theory. Insurance benefits as a whole are contractual in nature.

    A policyholder pays an insurance company premiums and transfers the risk that they will become disabled and pay out specified long-term disability payments if that occurs.While most insurance companies are happy to take someone’s insurance premiums and sell them additional forms of insurance in the process, many simply do not want to pay out the benefits which have been promised. Insurance companies have a duty to treat their insureds in good faith and deal with them fairly. When they do not, they can be held accountable.

    That accountability, at least in how it is recognized, differs when it comes to fighting for long-term disability benefits which have been denied, delayed, or not paid according to the policy’s terms. Those who have private long-term disability insurance plans can sue insurance companies for acting in bad faith, as well as to receive benefits which are rightfully theirs, in court. Any bad faith damages will be in addition to benefits.

    ERISA Act

    However, those who have long-term disability insurance through employers are likely subject to the confines of ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act), which generally requires complaints to be heard administratively at first and does not allow bad faith claims.

    The long-term disability appeal process can be very complicated and insurance companies tend to have teams of attorneys whose only job is to save insurers money. This is where a Carrollton long-term disability attorney can help the most.

    How a Carrollton Long Term Disability Lawyer Can Help

    If you have been denied long-term disability insurance benefits or your insurer has delayed paying benefits, contact an experienced Carrollton long-term disability lawyer who can stand up to insurance companies on your behalf. Long term disability insurance companies have a duty to treat their policyholders in good faith and deal with them fairly.

    If yours has breached these duties, turn to a Carrollton long-term disability attorney to review your insurance policy and do whatever is necessary to make sure you get the long-term disability insurance benefits you are entitled to.