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    Villa Rica Personal Injury Lawyer

    Being hurt in an accident is always a difficult situation. With injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to broken bones and paralysis, these accidents have the potential to change a person’s life. With full recovery taking months, or even years, it is unfortunate that defendants’ insurance companies try to intimidate unrepresented plaintiffs.

    By dragging out negotiations, or even denying payment in cases where someone was clearly at-fault, these companies distract injured people from concentrating on their recovery.

    Villa Rica personal injury lawyers represent victims in their fights to recover fair compensation for their injuries. Compassionate injury attorneys take on the insurance companies on your behalf so that you can concentrate on getting your life back to normal.

    Types of Personal Injury Claims

    Personal injury cases in Georgia can be separated into two main categories: intentional acts and accidents.

    Intentional acts that give rise to personal injury are interesting in that they can often result in criminal charges being filed against the defendant. Assault and battery, for instance, is both a crime under Georgia law and a tort under which a plaintiff can file a civil suit.

    Regardless of whether the defendant is convicted in criminal court, or even if charges are not filed, the injured party still has the right to file a civil case. Villa Rica personal injury attorneys can assist individuals in filing a civil case alleging intentional harm.

    Common Accident Claims

    The second, more prevalent category of civil cases involving personal injury are accidents. But just because a person did not intentionally mean to cause harm does not mean that they are not liable for injuries. Recognizing this fact, courts have described the legal theory of negligence that allows people harmed in accidents to sue the responsible party for damages.

    In short, a plaintiff must show that the defendant had a duty to protect the plaintiff, that the defendant failed in that duty, and that the failure caused the plaintiff’s injuries. For example, in a typical car accident case, all drivers have a duty to protect other drivers.

    If a driver fails in this duty by running a stop sign, and collides with another car, he is responsible for any injury suffered in the accident. Personal injury lawyers in Villa Rica apply the concept of negligence to cases on a daily basis to help individuals better understand the details of their claims.

    Possible Types of Compensation

    When a person is injured as a result of others’ actions, they can of course sue for medical bills and property damage. But the range of possible damages is far more widespread.

    People often hear the phrase “pain and suffering.” This can include actual pain caused by the injury, but can also include other damages such as:

    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Loss of consortium
    • Loss of familial contribution

    While these losses are more nebulous than an easy to evaluate medical bill, they do form a substantial portion of compensation in cases involving serious injury.

    It is important to remember that a person cannot claim mental anguish on its own; all cases require a physical harm as a backbone to any compensation package.

    Contact a Villa Rica Personal Injury Attorney Today

    Whether you have been injured due to another person’s intentional act, or as the result of an accident, Villa Rica personal injury lawyers are here to help.

    Skilled lawyers understand the nuances of personal injury law and will work to identify the best plan of attack to get you the compensation you deserve. By negotiating with the insurance companies on your behalf, they allow you to concentrate on your recovery.

    Many cases end in settlement before going to trial, but if the insurance company refuses to pay you a fair amount, Villa Rica’s litigation team will be at your side every step of the way. Take a positive step towards making a full financial recovery, contact today.