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    Villa Rica Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    As nursing homes and their staff members become overwhelmed with new patients, abuse and neglect may take place where it did not before. However, there is no excuse to justify any form of abuse, especially in nursing homes. If you believe your loved one suffered or is currently suffering nursing home abuse, an experienced attorney who may be able to help. Contact a Villa Rica nursing home abuse attorney to begin your case today.

    Nursing Home Environment

    Even if a nursing home is not aware of abuse or neglect taking place, they may still bear responsibility and be liable for any abuse or neglect that does occur, especially if they have created a working environment where the staff is overwhelmed, overburdened, or under-supported.

    For instance, some nursing homes employ staff members qualified to provide basic day-to-day care but not medical care or other types of special treatment, yet expect them to perform all duties related to resident care. This is not acceptable and can leave a nursing home facility open to liability for abuse and neglect.

    State Regulations in Villa Rica Nursing Home Abuse Cases

    Many states have taken steps to prevent nursing home abuse and neglect by passing regulations to address how nursing home abuse and neglect must be reported. These same regulations are also often meant to prevent nursing home care facilities from hiding evidence of nursing home abuse.

    Even though state inspectors visit nursing homes to ensure adherence to regulations, a lot of nursing home abuse and neglect still goes unreported. The signs of nursing home abuse and neglect are not always apparent, or minute details an inspector could miss when quickly looking around a nursing home facility. This is one reason why nursing home abuse and neglect can still be allowed to occur, even in facilities that have good ratings.

    Medical Misconduct

    In addition to possible physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, nursing home residents sometimes suffer medical misconduct or neglect. Nursing home patients may be improperly sedated with excessive dosages of medication, or be given medication they were not prescribed just to keep them quiet and compliant.

    In other cases, patients are simply not able to access their physician for adequate treatment. Alternatively, they may be given access to one doctor who practices general medicine, but denied or ignored when they request to see a specialist or a mental health provider.

    Isolation and Restraint

    When patients become disgruntled, it is not uncommon for staff to keep them isolated and prevent them from contacting their family members to share their complaints. If the resident is unable to report the abuse or neglect, they may become resigned to their situation and may begin to accept it as normal.

    Consult with a Villa Rica Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

    While no amount of a monetary damage award can erase the terrible experience victims have suffered, holding the negligent nursing home responsible for its egregious actions can help families gain closure. Knowing that their claims may likely prevent further abuses can give families some measure of peace during a difficult time.

    If something in your loved one’s nursing home seems like a red flag for abuse, you and your family should consult with a skilled Villa Rica nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. Call today to get started.