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    Types of Personal Injury Accidents

    Metro Atlanta Based Personal Injury Law Firm

    The types of personal injury accidents are too long to list.  It can be slips and falls, medical mistakes, work injuries, car accident, and the list goes on and on.  Below you will find some of the more common types of personal injury accidents.

    Personal Injury Laws

    What is a personal injury?  While there is no simple answer, generally speaking, a personal injury is an injury that caused physical damage.  When the personal injuries are caused by another person or company, the injured person may have a personal injury claim.

    Personal injury laws protect the individual that sustained injuries at the hands of another person or company.  The area of personal injury law is broad.  As you can imagine there are many types and causes of accidents.  The personal injury lawyers of Parian Lawyers have experience with many case types; however, you can rest assured that no matter the cause, Parian Lawyers and Cade Parian will ensure that you have an all-star team of lawyers to represent your interests.

    Personal Injury Lawyers

    At Parian Lawyers we take our role as personal injury lawyers seriously and will make sure you know what to expect throughout the entirety of your case.  We only provide legal representation to victims injured as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person or company.  Injury victims can be one person or a group of people.  Our knowledge of personal injury law ensures that you will receive the fair compensation you deserve. You can also get a good idea of our fees and expenses of a personal injury case.

    Personal Injury Claims & Compensation

    A claim is what we make on your behalf for the injuries you suffered due to an accident that was the fault of another person or company.  You may receive money from the person that caused your injuries.  We call this money personal injury compensation.

    We stand by the phrase that there are no dumb questions. We get a good amount of questions from clients who come in after an accident asking about a personal injury claim. To help get you started, call and schedule a consultation today.