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    Newnan Personal Injury Lawyer

    When people become injured as the result of the act of another, they can often be confused and disoriented. Their first priority should be to make a full physical and mental recovery.

    Unfortunately, mounting medical bills, lost time at work and repairing any property damage can distract people from this goal. On top of that, the very people who should be there to help in the process, the insurance companies, often add chaos to the situation.

    Our firm’s Newnan personal injury lawyers are here to help. Our injury attorneys handle the details, deal with the insurance companies, and fight for the fair compensation that you deserve so that you can place your focus where it belongs: on getting your life back to normal.

    Common Examples of Personal Injury Cases

    The types of personal injury cases are as varied as there are ways for people to become hurt. The common thread is that a person becomes hurt as the result of another person’s actions. In some instances, the defendant is not a person but a business.

    For example, if a person slips and falls on a spill in a grocery store, the proper defendant is not the clerk who failed to clean the spill, but the store itself. Identifying the proper defendant in any personal injury case is an important first step.

    A second step involves identifying a cause of action. A cause of action is a legally recognized theory of a case that allows a plaintiff to sue for damages. While there are some instances of causes of action that have been created by legislative statutes, most causes of actions are created by the courts in common law.

    The common law is simply a collection of court rulings passed down over the years that courts in the same jurisdiction are required to follow.

    While there are certainly instances of intentional acts resulting in personal injury, such as assault or false imprisonment, most personal injury cases are the result of accidents. Accidents are usually pursued under the legal theory of negligence.

    Simply put, the law creates a responsibility for some people to protect others. When that responsibility is broken, and a person is hurt, the person carrying the responsiblity is liable. Common personal injury cases such as car accidents, slip and falls, and premises liability claims are all pursued by Newnana injury attorneys using negligence.

    Categories of Potential Compensation

    The potential avenues for pursing damages are varied. There is the obvious route of suing for the cost of medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy and property damages. These damages are easily measured by a Newnan personal injury lawyer.

    What is more nebulous are damages due to mental anguish. Pain and suffering is the most common category of mental damages, but these can also include:

    • Loss of enjoyment of life,
    • Loss of consortium, and
    • Loss of your physical contributions at work or home.

    When considering non-physical damages, attorneys often utilize the expert opinions of economists and workplace experts to determine the full value of a person’s change in life due to an injury.

    Talk to a Newnan Personal Injury Attorney Today

    People becoming injured as the result of others’ actions have the absolute right to demand that the responsible party pay for the harm that they have caused. Unfortunately, defendants are often represented by insurance companies that make a profit by denying people those very payments.

    Our firm’s Newnan personal injury lawyers represent clients in dealing with those insurance companies so that they can focus on their recovery.

    By gathering all of the evidence, talking to witnesses and forming a strong demand package, most cases settle without needing to go to court. If a trial is necessary, our litigators are here to guide you through the process and to present your case to the jury.

    Do not take any chances with your future and take a positive step towards getting the fair compensation that you deserve; contact our firm today.