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    Our Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers Counsel Clients From All Over America

    One of the most common questions we receive is when someone on the phone asks, “Can you represent me? I live outside of Georgia.” THE ANSWER IS YES!! While our attorneys are licensed to practice in only Georgia and Alabama, we are called upon by injured people from all over the country. Our lawyers can only appear in the courts of Georgia and Alabama; however, there are a number of ways that our attorneys can appear wherever you live.

    Admission Pro Hac Vice

    We know what you are thinking. There goes these lawyers busting out the latin words in an effort to show how smart they are. Um, no. Actually, we have to look up the meaning of almost every latin word we see! In this case, “pro hac vice” means “for this occasion.” Courts in other states have processes in place to allow for attorneys not admitted in that state to practice “for your case” or “for that occasion.” Our attorneys have been admitted pro hac vice in Courts across America to represent the interest of people injured by the negligent actions of other individuals or corporations.

    Admission by Motion

    Certain states allow attorneys not admitted in that state to gain admission via motion of the state bar. Most of the states that allow such admission are not vacation meccas. Wanna get admitted by motion to Florida. Hawaii, California, etc.? Not going to happen. Our attorneys use other methods of admission to practice in those states. Most other states allow admission by motion. If you decide that you want to work with the personal injury lawyers of The Parian Lawyers, we will seek admission to your state’s bar if it is allowed by admission.

    Getting Local Counsel

    The Parian Lawyers has been recognized by national publications for its personal injury practice. This recognition has allowed it to forge lasting professional relationships with some of the best personal injury trial lawyers in America. Many of those professional relationships have cultivated into personal friendships. Our goal is to put in place the BEST legal team possible to litigate your case. You are going through one of the worst stages of your life. We owe it to you to see that you have the best team in place to get you the financial compensation you deserve. If we are unable to get admitted in the state you live, we will retain local attorneys (the BEST local attorneys) to work with us in litigating your claims.

    We Are Standing By to Help You No Matter Where You Live

    The Parian Lawyers specializes in personal injury, medical devices, and pharmaceutical litigation. Our office is available to hear your questions by calling (770) 727-5550, by completing an online contact form, or by chatting online with one of our staff. Every state has different laws about the time limits for bringing lawsuits for injuries. You should contact us TODAY to not risk missing any of those deadlines. Missing one deadline could bar you from ever bringing an action for injuries.