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    Stockbridge Personal Injury Lawyer

    People have a duty to exercise reasonable care and help to keep others safe. When people fail to do this, they may be held liable for the injuries and accidents that they cause.

    If another person’s negligence led to your injuries, you could seek compensation for the injuries another person caused. While insurance companies may attempt to deny your claim or low-ball an offer, a dedicated Stockbridge personal injury lawyer could help protect you and your recovery. Discussing your legal options with a skilled attorney may allow you to make an informed decision about your next step.

    Types of Accidents Which Cause Personal Injuries

    Negligent conduct at a hotel, restaurant, in a nursing facility, on the road, and on someone’s property could all lead to bodily injuries. While a personal injury could arise in almost any situation, common accidents that give rise to legal claims include:

    • Motorcycle and bicycle accidents
    • Car and truck wrecks
    • Unsafe premises accidents
    • Nursing home abuse
    • Medical drug errors
    • Broken products
    • Animal attacks

    Even if a person or company did not intend to cause injury, they may still be held liable under the theory of negligence. If an owner, operator, or professional fails to act in the manner that is reasonably expected, or does something that they should not have done, they could potentially be liable if their carelessness causes injury.

    An important step to recovering in a personal injury claim is to pinpoint the cause of an accident. Impairments, inattention, and fatigue may all contribute to negligent conduct. With the help of a personal injury attorney in Stockbridge, an injured individual could identify the parties who may be liable for damages.

    Damages in Legal Personal Injury Claims

    The potential damages vary based on the unique facts and circumstances of an injury and case. Many personal injury plaintiffs in Stockbridge seek compensation for medical expenses and treatment required following the injury with the help of their personal attorney. If an individual requires long-term treatment, future medical costs may be included in the calculation of expenses.

    Claimants may also seek the value of lost wages if they are unable to work due to the injury. Documentation of the injured individual’s employment and income could support demands for lost wages during trial or negotiations. A seasoned Stockbridge personal injury lawyer could also advise on the potential for damages related to non-economic harm. This could include pain and suffering.

    Filing Deadlines for Personal Injury Lawsuits in Stockbridge

    Georgia outlines a statute of limitations for filing lawsuits alleging personal injuries. Generally, an injured individual has two years to file. If the lawsuit is not filed by the deadline, injured people may be unable to recover damages in court.

    There are specific factors that may influence the statute of limitations. Filing deadlines may vary depending on the area of specific area of personal injury law and unique facts of a case. Consultation with a personal injury attorney in Stockbridge could provide insight into the statute of limitations and help potential plaintiffs determine the deadline for a particular case.

    Consult a Stockbridge Personal Injury Attorney For Advice

    You should not shoulder the financial burden of medical treatment and lost income if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct. Having a compassionate advocate by your side could help you recover the compensation you need to heal. Allow a Stockbridge personal injury lawyer to assist with your claim. Speak with a representative today to schedule an initial consultation and begin working towards a favorable outcome.