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    Stockbridge Truck Accident Lawyer

    Semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other large commercial vehicles could cause a lot of damage in a collision. When commercial truck drivers fail to exercise reasonable care, serious crashes, and injuries occur. You do not need to heal alone. With the assistance of a sharp Stockbridge truck accident lawyer, you could focus on getting better while holding the potentially at-fault party accountable. Before facing an insurance company’s tactics and strategies, allow a well-practiced personal attorney to consult on your case.

    Common Causes of Stockbridge Truck Wrecks

    An attorney’s thorough investigation may reveal the cause of a truck accident. Truck drivers may act with negligence due to:

    • Drowsiness
    • Drug or alcohol use
    • Distraction
    • Speeding

    Truckers have a duty to operate their vehicles safely. When truck drivers fail to exercise due care, they could cause mild, moderate, or severe injuries in a collision. Drivers are the not the only potentially negligent party in a tractor-trailer crash.

    Because of the size and mass of commercial trucks, it is important that truck drivers are qualified to operate their vehicles and that trucks are properly loaded. When a company is negligent in hiring, training, or supervising truck drivers, or fails to ensure that the trucks are well maintained and that cargo loads are evenly distributed, the company may bear liability after a serious collision.

    Determining which individuals or entities may be held liable for damages is often a complicated process. It may involve determining the cause of an accident and accessing police and accident reports about the crash. A thorough Stockbridge truck accident lawyer could assess the cause of a crash and help determine potential sources of compensation for an accident victim.

    Potential Financial Recovery for Truck Crash Plaintiffs

    Medical expenses are often one of the main components of a truck accident injury claim. After a collision, medical costs vary widely, based on the type of injury and required treatment. Some injuries, which could include broken bones and soft tissue damage, are typically resolved with treatment. Other injuries sustained in crashes are potentially catastrophic and permanent.

    It may prove valuable to work with a practiced attorney and collect documentation of injuries early on. A doctor’s notes could provide strong evidence of pain and injuries and help a lawyer seek both past and future medical expenses in a tractor-trailer accident claim. A personal injury claim may contain damages for pain and suffering. This could include emotional or psychological trauma.

    Individuals might also suffer a loss of income if they are unable to work. By collecting evidence of the injured individual’s employment, income, and time missed from work, a truck collision attorney in Stockbridge could support demands for lost wages. This information could also help demonstrate a diminished earning capacity or inability to work.

    Get in Touch With a Stockbridge Truck Accident Attorney

    After a truck wreck, you may struggle to meet your financial obligations and follow a treatment schedule. Allowing an attorney to assist you could ease some of your burdens and alleviate stress. You may need compensation to offset the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Trucking companies and truck drivers may offer inadequate settlements or try to avoid paying entirely.

    An experienced Stockbridge truck accident lawyer could help negotiate with companies and defend against these tactics, so you may seek the full compensation you need to recover. Reach out today to begin working towards a favorable outcome.