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    Stockbridge Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Even when a motorcyclist wears protective gear such as a helmet and riding boots, serious injuries may still occur from seemingly simple collisions. The protection that riders should wear is still no match for other motor vehicles on the road.

    When a motorcycle accident occurs, a Stockbridge motorcycle accident lawyer could work to hold those that caused the accident liable for their negligent actions. Individuals who suffered injuries in motorcycle accidents could benefit from speaking with an accomplished personal injury attorney to review potential legal options that may result in compensation.

    Value of Stockbridge Motorcycle Accident Cases

    One of the most common questions asked by plaintiffs in motorcycle accident cases has to do with the value of the case. While an attorney cannot predict the future, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Stockbridge could make some estimates about how much a case might be worth based on several factors.

    No Damage Caps in Georgia

    Importantly, the value of a motorcycle accident case in Stockbridge is not determined in any way by caps set under state law. In 2010, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that limiting damages under the law violates the legal right to a jury trial established in the state constitution.

    The Value of Non-Economic Damages

    Given that motorcycles afford riders less protection than a standard car, injuries for motorbike riders tend to be worse than other motor vehicle crashes. Non-economic damages are those that do not have a pre-defined value. They can be the most unpredictable component of determining how much an injury lawsuit is worth. Recoverable non-economic damages after a motorcycle crash may include:

    • Physical and emotional pain and discomfort
    • Anxiety
    • Hardship
    • Inconvenience
    • Disfigurement
    • Loss of society and companionship
    • Loss of consortium

    Civil courts often consider additional factors such as how old the plaintiff is, how severe their injuries are, and how long the impact of the injuries are expected to last to determine a value for non-economic damages. In extreme cases, individuals who have lost loved ones in a motorcycle accident could pursue a wrongful death claim to hold the at-fault driver responsible and to pursue compensation.

    Payments for Economic Damages

    Economic damages are much more straightforward. They include past and future medical bills and lost wages, and other expenses related to the accident such as property damage. The value of a motorcycle case typically also depends on these types of damages and the evidence to support them.

    The Importance of an Independent Medical Examination

    An independent medical examination (IME) is an examination of the plaintiff’s injuries and overall health by a third-party doctor. This exam is intended to give the court an objective assessment of the plaintiff’s medical condition after the accident occurred. The doctor should assess what treatment might be necessary, how permanent the injury might be, and if the plaintiff will be able to work in the future.

    While they are meant to be objective, the outcome of an IME can vary widely depending on who chooses the doctor. An impartial opinion may be unlikely if the doctor is contracted with the insurance company of the defendant. Injured victims should discuss the possibility of a required IME for their case with a skilled Stockbridge motorcycle accident lawyer.

    Rely on a Stockbridge Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    Under Georgia law, motorcycle accident plaintiffs have the right to seek justice when they suffer losses due to the negligence of another party. You could rely on a Stockbridge motorcycle accident lawyer to work hard to help you pursue compensation for your damages. Call today for your case evaluation and to discuss potential options for recovery.