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    Stockbridge Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

    Almost everyone uses medications to help themselves feel better and to alleviate painful symptoms. Unfortunately, drug manufacturers are sometimes in such a rush to deliver these products to the market that they do not adequately test them beforehand. As a result, many prescription and over-the-counter drugs have harmful side effects associated with them that do not come to light until they have already caused severe damage to consumers.

    If you or a loved one experienced a harmful or debilitating side effect resulting from a dangerous drug, a seasoned personal injury attorney may be able to help you file a civil claim. A Stockbridge dangerous drugs lawyer could review your symptoms and determine your eligibility for pursuing a legal claim against the drug manufacturer.

    Class Action Claims and Lawsuits

    Claims and lawsuits against drug manufacturers sometimes come in the form of class action lawsuits. In “class actions,” a group of similarly situated plaintiffs—all of whom are experiencing similar harmful effects after using a drug or medical device—file a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer.

    This is especially common in instances where the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the drug manufacturer issues a recall of the drug. Recently recalled drugs include:

    • Zoloft
    • Paxil
    • Vioxx
    • Accutane

    These medications could produce harmful side effects and similarly situated plaintiffs have before filed class action lawsuits against the drugs’ manufacturers. Consumers who have experienced adverse side effects after using one or more of these drugs—or other recently recalled drugs—could contact an experienced Stockbridge dangerous drugs attorney today to explore their own legal options.

    Basis for a Tort Claim

    For an injured consumer or class action plaintiffs to prove that a drug company is negligent, they must demonstrate that the drug company failed to adhere to necessary safety protocols for developing medicines and medical devices. For example, the drug company may not have sufficiently tested the drug or medical device.

    The injured must also demonstrate that this negligence resulted directly in the claimed side effects, which in turn caused the plaintiff(s) to suffer compensable damages. Recoverable damages could include compensation for the consumer’s medical expenses, lost wages, inconvenience, pain, mental distress, suffering, and spousal loss of companionship. A dangerous drug lawyer in Stockbridge could help determine what, if any, damages are available and if financial recovery is possible.

    Loss of Life

    In the most severe dangerous drug cases, a consumer may lose their life because of the prescription or medical device. When that occurs, the deceased’s surviving family members might be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against the drug manufacturer. As part of this claim, the family members may pursue compensation for loss of the decedent’s income, companionship, and pain and suffering which the decedent experienced immediately before their death.

    Call a Stockbridge Dangerous Drugs Lawyer Today

    Dangerous drugs sometimes produce harmful side effects and illnesses that, in the worst cases, may even be fatal. When this happens, the injured consumer, the injured consumer’s family members, or both may be able to take legal action against the responsible drug manufacturer.

    A Stockbridge dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to determine if you have a viable legal claim, and if one exists, they could help you file a claim against the drug’s manufacturer. Call today to consult with a seasoned attorney about what may be possible in your case.