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    Stockbridge Bus Accident Lawyer

    Buses and bus companies provide many customers with reliable and safe transportation in and around Stockbridge. Students and commuters alike rely on buses to travel to and from home, work, or school.

    Unfortunately, school buses, municipal buses, and tour buses can all be involved in severe motor vehicle wrecks. Often, these wrecks occur when bus drivers and other roadway drivers are negligent in their driving duties.

    If you were involved in a bus accident caused by a bus driver or other motor vehicle driver, you could be eligible to file a personal injury claim with assistance from a skilled personal injury attorney. A Stockbridge bus accident lawyer may be able to determine your degree of eligibility to pursue monetary compensation and take the necessary legal actions on your behalf.

    Negligence by Other Motor Vehicle Drivers

    When individuals decide to ride a bus, they should be able to expect that other motor vehicle operators on the road will operate their vehicles in a sensible manner. This does not always happen, though, and a negligent driver may cause their vehicle to collide with the bus. When that happens, the injured accident victim could potentially file a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

    For another driver’s action to give rise to a lawsuit, they must have violated a traffic law, driven their vehicle in a distracted manner, or otherwise acted imprudently or unreasonably under the circumstances. An experienced bus accident lawyer in Stockbridge could work to determine if someone has a valid cause of action against another motor vehicle driver.

    Bus Driver Negligence

    Like all other drivers, bus drivers have a duty to operate their buses in a safe and careful manner and to refrain from operating their vehicles while they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When bus operators violate this standard of care, and an accident occurs, the injured accident victim may have a valid legal claim directly against the negligent bus driver. A Stockbridge bus accident attorney could determine if a legal claim exists, and if so, help file a claim against the responsible person or persons.

    Bus Company, School Board, or Municipality Negligence

    An injured bus accident victim may also have a claim against the employer of a negligent bus driver under a “vicarious liability” legal theory. For a plaintiff to recover compensation from a bus company, the driver must have been both on the job and acting in the scope of their employment when the accident occurs.

    The duties of bus companies, school boards, and municipalities include ensuring that they hire experienced, competent, and knowledgeable drivers to operate their buses. If a bus driver negligently causes an accident that results in personal injuries to someone else, the accident victim could potentially sue the employer bus company, school board, or municipality.

    In these instances, special time restrictions may apply. Skilled legal counsel should be aware of these deadlines and may help file the necessary notice and lawsuit promptly.

    Call a Stockbridge Bus Accident Attorney to Learn More

    When bus drivers and other roadway drivers—or their employers—are negligent, serious bus accidents and injuries can result. If you or someone you love suffered injuries resulting from a bus accident, you could be eligible for monetary damages. Call a Stockbridge bus accident lawyer today for assistance pursuing a personal injury claim.