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    Stockbridge Slip and Fall Lawyer

    While slip and fall accidents are common, the injuries that result may be seriously damaging. When the property owner could have prevented the accident, it may be particularly difficult for you to understand why the accident occurred. It is possible to hold people accountable for their negligent behavior.

    If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, a Stockbridge slip and fall lawyer may be able to assist you. After investigating the accident, a skilled personal injury attorney could guide you through the legal process so you may obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident may have a significant impact on your life.

    Conditions Which Contribute to Slip and Fall Accidents

    Dangerous conditions on almost any property may lead to a slip and fall accident. When property owners fail to fix hazardous conditions or warn others of the danger, they may be liable for any injuries that result. Common hazards that individuals encounter may include:

    • Greasy or oily floors
    • Spilled liquids
    • Poor lighting
    • Broken or uneven walkways
    • Slippery stairs
    • Defective railings
    • Debris on the floor

    People may enter a property unaware of defects in the walkway or objects on the floor. The property owner may be aware of a dangerous condition and neglectful in their duty to fix it. While investigating a slip and fall accident, it may also be important to find out how long the dangerous condition existed and whether other people sustained injuries.

    Photographs of the scene may provide documentation of the defective condition and help substantiate a claim. Information collected during a medical examination may also provide strong documentation of injuries. Since not all slip and fall cases go to trial, any evidence collected could help an attorney in Stockbridge accurately negotiate for compensation.

    Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Based on a Slip and Fall Accident

    If a property owner’s negligence led to a slipping accident or falling injury, filing a lawsuit may be a key step to recovery. Even when an accident plaintiff sustained a minor injury, they likely incurred medical expenses for treatment. The medical costs associated with the injury could be recovered in an injury lawsuit.

    Lost wages may also be included in a lawsuit. Fractures, soft tissue injuries, lacerations, burns, and other pain may cause an individual to suffer a significant loss of income from their inability to work. It may be beneficial to have a legal advocate for help with collecting documents of lost time from an employer.

    A person’s past and future pain and suffering may also be a part of a falling injury lawsuit. Consulting a Stockbridge slip and fall lawyer could help injured people understanding the potential categories of damage available and the deadline for filing a lawsuit.

    Consult a Stockbridge Slip and Fall Attorney

    Gathering evidence is an important step to recovering damages. After a serious fall, many people do not feel up to this exhausting task. Fortunately, a Stockbridge slip and fall lawyer could help you to gather evidence, assess a potential claim, and work toward a positive resolution. If you believe that someone’s negligence caused you to sustain your injuries in a slip and fall accident, it may be time to contact an attorney to schedule a free consultation.