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    Stockbridge Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

    A catastrophic injury carries with it life-altering effects, compounding medical bills, and the chance of never fully recovering after the accident. For many, life may seem hopeless and the options available to them limited. However, compensation may be within reach.

    If you were recently sustained a catastrophic injury, a Stockbridge catastrophic injury lawyer could be your advocate and legal representative while filing a civil litigation claim. Georgia personal injury laws enable victims of catastrophic injuries to hold negligent parties accountable in court, and with the help of a skilled attorney, this could help your chances of a favorable outcome.

    Substantiating Legal Claims and the Statute of Limitations

    Personal injury victims could file a lawsuit against the negligent party or parties if they feel that they were harmed because of another person’s negligence. Doing so would mean that a victim would need to prove that:

    • The wrongdoer owed the victim a degree of care
    • The person or persons responsible then breached that duty
    • That breach caused an accident to transpire
    • That accident harmed and/or caused damages to the victim

    Importantly, a claim may only be filed within two years after the date of the incident that caused the injury and attempting to bring a claim beyond that could bar the victim from any potential recovery.

    A catastrophic injury attorney in Stockbridge could help a victim understand the stages associated with filing a lawsuit.

    The Role of Modified Comparative Negligence

    Each state has its own variation of fault laws that help to outline who could be held responsible in the event of a lawsuit being brought to court. Georgia uses a modified comparative fault rule which could affect the amount of compensation a victim could receive.

    Modified comparative fault is applied when a wrongdoer’s party argues that a claimant was also responsible for some degree of blame. Damages are reduced under the modified comparative fault rule by an amount that is equal to the percentage of fault assigned to the victim. For example, if a victim was found to be 30 percent at fault for the accident, then he or she would receive 30 percent less in compensable damages. A thorough investigation of the accident itself could help to determine whether more than one party could be held liable in a lawsuit.

    In addition to a reduction in damages, if a victim is found to be 50 percent or more at fault for an accident, the court could bar that person from receiving compensation and pursuing a legal claim against the other party. Speaking with a skilled attorney could help victims better understand Georgia’s modified comparative fault laws.

    Speaking with a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Stockbridge

    The initial consultation with a seasoned personal injury lawyer is your opportunity to ask questions about your claim, what you could expect, and how your attorney could help you.

    A personal injury lawyer with experience in catastrophic injuries could work with you to review the validity of your claim. An attorney familiar with the delicate nature of these cases and the anguish that victims have endured could advocate for you in court and help you recover your losses.

    When you are ready to pursue a claim against the negligent parties responsible for your injuries, reach out to a Stockbridge catastrophic injury lawyer for a confidential consultation.