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    Stockbridge Paralysis Injury Lawyer

    After suffering an accident that leaves you with life-changing injuries, you may question what could be done to help you return to the way your life was prior. The unfortunate reality surrounding many paralysis injuries is that returning to the life you once had before your accident is often rare.

    Fortunately, if you suspect that your injury was caused because of the negligence of another, you may have legal recourse against those responsible. An experienced attorney could evaluate your case and determine what could be done through civil litigation. A Stockbridge paralysis injury lawyer who has experience working with these cases could help reach a favorable courtroom outcome.

    Determining Fault in Georgia Personal Injury Claims

    The state of Georgia uses “modified comparative fault” when determining the degrees of negligence involved in accident cases. This means that each party could be assigned a percentage of blame. A victim that is ascribed a degree of fault for an accident could still file to recover compensation so long as his or her degree of fault is not greater than 50 percent. Additionally, if a victim is found to have some degree of negligence, their compensation is reduced by that specific percentage of fault.

    Timelines when Filing a Personal Injury Claim

    Given the high stakes involved in the outcome of a case for a victim, filing within the applicable statute of limitations is important. Georgia uses a time limit that bars victims from any potential recovery if do not file within that limit. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 9-3-33, a victim must file within two years from the date of the accident to bring a lawsuit. Contacting an attorney who is familiar with the statute of limitations surrounding cases in Georgia could help individuals better understand the timetable.

    Paralysis and Medical Opinions in Court

    The severity of a patient’s injuries with paralysis depends significantly on the original diagnosis. Paralysis refers to a loss of muscle function in a part of the body, either complete or partial, permanent or temporary, and generalized or localized. Since doctors could classify paralysis in many different ways, obtaining medical records for a victim of this personal injury is important.

    Depending on the form of paralysis, a victim may have less mobility or no mobility which almost always impacts his or her life directly. While some cases of paralysis could be treated with occupational therapy, mobility aids, and many other forms of rehabilitation, many are still untreatable and required dramatic lifestyle changes. An experienced attorney could use the professional medical opinion of a doctor in court to substantiate the compensation sought in a case.

    Contacting a Paralysis Injury Attorney in Stockbridge

    In the immediate aftermath surrounding an accident, you may feel as though life has treated you unfairly. On top of worrying about how you may have to adjust your life around your injury, there is the constant need for medical appointments and the bills that follow. Fortunately, recovering compensation from a negligent party that was responsible for your accident may be possible.

    When you are ready to draft a plan of action, contact a Stockbridge paralysis injury lawyer who could help you do just that.