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    Stockbridge Burn Injury Lawyer

    A burn injury could be classified as first, second or third degree—each of which could have far-reaching effects on your life. When a burn injury has left you with disfigurement, scarring, or emotional trauma, a Stockbridge burn injury lawyer could help you file civil litigation and avoid common pitfalls of court.

    According to the American Burn Association, over half a million people seek treatment for burn injuries every single year. Of those, thousands require medical attention or pass away because of the severity of their injuries. If this describes your current condition, a personal injury attorney consultation could be the next step in having your case evaluated.

    Filing a Lawsuit for Burn Injuries in Stockbridge

    Faulty wiring, a serious car wreck, or an explosion could all cause burn injuries. Consequentially, medical treatment is often necessary—especially for more severe burns. In addition to the treatment, medical bills follow close behind victims.

    Due to the high cost of burn injury treatments and the possible long road to recovery ahead, many burn injury victims who have demonstratable evidence that another’s negligence was the root cause could file a lawsuit. In a personal injury lawsuit, the illustration of another party’s fault could lead to compensation for sustained losses.

    A personal injury lawsuit could help a victim to hold another negligent party or parties accountable for an accident, but only if that claim is filed within two years according to Official Code of Georgia Annotated 9-3-33. Further, O.C.G.A. 51-12-33 details how the assignment of a percentage of fault could influence the recovery of damages among multiple parties in a lawsuit.

    Burn Injury Losses that Could be Compensated For

    Burn injury victims might never fully heal from their injuries. Instead, these victims could have a physical reminder of the accident for years to come in the form of disfigurement or scarring. Infections, joint and bone pain, limitations with movement, breathing problems, and chronic pain are all commonly reported by burn injury victims.

    With ever-mounting medical bills to follow, victims of these injuries may have few options left to sustain themselves. For this reason, a Stockbridge burn damage injury attorney could help a victim seek compensation for his or her injuries. Damages in a burn injury case fall into one of three categories: economic, non-economic and punitive.

    While economic damages are often easily calculated and entail expenses like lost wages, medical bills, and other tangible losses, non-economic damages are a little trickier. These damages encompass conceptual loss, like pain and suffering, loss of consortium and other intangible losses.

    Perhaps the most uncommon of the three, punitive damages are awarded only at the discretion of a judge and jury. These are used to discourage a reckless, wonton, or intentional behavior from ever occurring again.

    Additionally, burn injury damages could also be awarded through a settlement or civil case to someone representing a deceased victim who suffered from medical complications that claimed their life. Whatever the situation may be, a victim might wish to enlist the help of an experienced attorney.

    Interacting with A Stockbridge Burn Injury Attorney

    A Stockbridge burn injury lawyer could help you evaluate your eligibility to initiate a personal injury claim in Georgia.

    Since burn injuries carry the potential to have long lasting implications for you financially, emotionally, and physically, identifying a personal injury attorney who has experience in this field could put you on the path of a favorable recovery. When you are ready, reach out to an attorney for a confidential consultation.