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    Adult Adoptions in Carrollton

    Adoption, in general, is some of the most fulfilling and satisfying work a lawyer can do. Having the ability to guide parents through the process of adopting someone they will love and care for unconditionally is a wonderful feeling. When thinking of adoption, many people fail to realize that it is not only children who seek adoption, but also adults who desire to have their existing bond with a parental figure solidified recognized the law. Our firm has the experience you need to help in adult adoptions in Carrollton.

    The Process of Adult Adoption

    Georgia is one of many states who recognize adult adoptions and provides for a streamlined process. In Georgia, adults who wish to be adopted need to provide written consent to be adopted and the petitioner should file their petition. The petition and consent can be filed in the county where the petitioner resides or where the adoptee resides. Once filed, the court will set a date for a final hearing and, barring the court finding a reason such adoption should not be granted, will enter a final decree. The party seeking to be adopted can also petition the court enter an order changing their name as well. Our firm’s attorneys could guide you through every step of the adult adoption process in Carrollton.

    The Change of Relationship under the Law

    Once the decree of adoption is entered, the relation between the petitioner and adopted adult is the same under the law as if the adopted adult was the biological child of the petitioner. Many times, adult adoptions occur in situations regarding godparents and godchildren, or stepparents and stepchildren, but there are other instances where adult adoption may be pursued. However, there are instances where adult adoption is sought for nefarious purposes. It is important to contact our law firm to help guide you and your loved ones through this process. Our experience as well as relationships with court personnel will help provide you with the smooth process you deserve and need for the adoption of an adult in Carrollton.