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How can we help?

    Coronavirus is causing lots of uncertainty. I want to inform both our current and potential new clients that your personal injury law firm will be operating during this crisis.
    Parian Injury Law, LLC has been working tirelessly to ensure systems are in place to allow for easy transition to remote working.
    Here are some ways our office is prepared.

    We are 100% Paperless

    You may have heard of “cloud” computing. All of our case information is on a secure database in the cloud. Our attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants all have access to anything they need from wherever they work. Critical information about your cases is available anytime and anywhere.

    We Provide Video Conferencing

    For those worried about possible spread of the virus, our office provides conferences via video and telephone whenever clients have an important question or concern.

    We Have a 24/7 Chat System

    Our online chat is available 24/7 at Contact us using our mobile friendly chat for new cases, updates to cases, or any emergency.

    All these steps are taken to reduce the impact of things like illnesses, inclement weather, or other uncontrollable events that might arise. Our goal is to still provide excellent legal services to our clients.

    Your Responsibilities

    Your most important responsibility is to yourself, your family, your loved ones and your friends. Be safe and use common sense during these times. Don’t overreact, but be mindful that the best way to stop an outbreak is to remain cautious.

    Your Treatment

    For those in treatment, we have already started to see and expect more physician’s offices and physical treatment facilities to close until the threat of the virus diminishes. Quite frankly, we agree with these decisions.

    For those whose physician’s offices have closed, we would ask for you to make a note at least every few days of the pain you are experiencing and how it is impacting your daily routine.

    For those who are currently seeing a physical therapist whose offices have closed, if you have been given a home routine of stretches or exercises, it is important that you follow their instructions. As you do these at-home treatments, please also keep a log of when and what you did as well as ranking the pain from a 1 to 10.

    When our office does our regular follow-up calls with you, you can send those logs at that time. If maintaining a log is not convenient and it is easier for you to email or text us with updates (even each time you do your home treatment), that is absolutely fine as well. We will make sure to update your case file.

    If you do not have our phone number to text, please let us know. We will send you a text that you can reply to.

    We are here for you. I am here for you. In the meantime, stay safe.