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    McDonough Personal Injury Lawyer

    Everyone is expected to exercise ordinary diligence. When a person fails to exercise the degree of care typically expected under the circumstances, they can cause serious injuries to those around them. These injuries could be the basis of a personal injury claim.

    Another’s careless, reckless, and negligent behavior should not leave you in financial ruin. After a painful injury, you may wish to contact a McDonough personal injury lawyer. A compassionate attorney could fight for your right to compensation so you may return to your normal life.

    Types of Negligent Injury Cases in McDonough

    Personal injury is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of events, including:

    People have the right to recover financial compensation for their injuries and losses by filing a personal injury action. These are often based on the theory of negligence. After someone is hurt, attorneys in McDonough are uniquely situated to address different types of personal injury claims and could work to hold individuals, companies, and corporations responsible for their negligent actions.

    The Elements of a Personal Injury Case

    Many successful personal injury claims are based on the theory of negligence. To recover compensation under a negligence theory, the injured person must prove:

    • Duty of care
    • Breach of the duty
    • Causation
    • Damages

    First, an individual must establish that another person, corporation, or legal entity owed them a duty of care. There may be a different duty of care depending on the situation that led to the injury. Under the law, a doctor owes a different duty of care to their patients than a person driving a car owes to another driver.

    Once the duty is established, the injured person, or plaintiff in a legal case, must demonstrate a breach of duty. Breaches occur when someone’s actions do not meet the proper standard of care. The plaintiff must then demonstrate a connection between the breach and any injuries that resulted. Finally, a plaintiff must prove that they have suffered some form of damage. This can include property damage, bodily injury, or even mental suffering.

    Unique Compensation Laws in McDonough

    In a car wreck with multiple vehicles, drivers may each hold partial fault, including the injured party themselves. This could make determining liability more complicated. A hardworking McDonough personal injury lawyer could help explain steps to take, especially with respect to Georgia’s modified comparative negligence statute.

    Under Official Code of Georgia § 51-12-33, a person may recover compensation if they are 49 percent at fault for an accident. However, if they are 50 percent or more at fault for an accident, they cannot recover damages.

    It may be important to demonstrate liability by collecting evidence and conducting depositions, regardless of the number of involved parties. Through negotiation with insurance companies and agents, a McDonough personal injury lawyer could help injured people recover the compensation needed to heal.

    Speak with a McDonough Personal Injury Attorney

    Personal injury claims are a way to recover compensation after you are hurt by another person’s negligence. Though filing a lawsuit after injury may be frightening, allowing a skilled McDonough personal injury lawyer to diligently review your case could help you heal. An attorney could handle the legal aspects of an injury, meet with you to discuss the details, and offer practical and legal guidance throughout the entire process. Reach out to an experienced attorney today to schedule a free consultation.