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    McDonough Truck Accident Lawyer

    All drivers in McDonough are expected to operate their vehicle with a certain degree of care and skill. This includes people driving massive tractor-trailers and trucks. Considering that a fully loaded truck could weigh up to 80,000 pounds, even a relatively minor collision could cause serious and life-changing injuries.

    The first thing you should do after a collision is seek medical attention. After receiving the necessary medical care, it may be beneficial to contact a McDonough truck accident lawyer. Allowing a seasoned personal injury attorney to prepare a personal injury claim, file a lawsuit, and negotiate on your behalf could help you recover the compensation you need to heal from your injuries and losses.

    Who is Liable in a Truck Wreck Case?

    Truck drivers have an obligation to operate their vehicles with extreme diligence. However, despite the need for more caution, truck crashes are a regular occurrence. When a truck driver breaches their duty of care, or the expected standard to which drivers are held, and causes an accident, they may be liable for the resulting injuries.

    There are a variety of factors that may contribute to a collision. Some of the most common causes of tractor-trailer wrecks include distracted and drowsy drivers, DUIs, and aggressive driving. However, in a trucking accident, sometimes the trucker is not the only liable party.

    One of the most common truck crash causes is hours of service regulation violations. If semi-truck drivers forego sleep to meet tight delivery deadlines or work additional hours at the request of their employer, their tired state could lead to a wreck. Violating hours of service could make the employer, as well as the driver, liable for an accident.

    Recovering Compensation for a Tractor-Trailer Crash

    Recovering compensation for a truck accident claim first begins by proving liability, which requires demonstrating how an at-fault party departed from the expected standard of care. A traffic code violation, such as failing to stop at a stop signal, could provide evidence to prove this to the court. However, it is beneficial to have a skilled attorney investigate the cause of a crash. Even with clear evidence, a thorough review of the collision could provide a chance to identify all potentially negligent parties.

    Once the injury victim, known as a plaintiff, proves liability, they may then seek to recover compensation for their injuries. Compensation typically comes from general damages and special damages.

    General Damages

    General damages, held under the Official Code of Georgia § 51-12-2, account for the harm that is presumably directly related to the crash. These include may a person’s physical pain, mental pain, and a diminished capacity to work. Special damages are also available after truck accidents. Unlike general damages, however, these must be specifically proven.

    Special Damages

    Special damages could include medical expenses, lost wages, and the loss of future earnings. A McDonough truck accident lawyer could work with tractor-trailer wreck victims to collect information affirming a person’s lost work hours or the cost of medical care.

    Seek the Services of a McDonough Truck Accident Attorney

    Truck wrecks are more likely to cause serious injuries when compared to collisions between small passenger vehicles. The injuries you face could provide the basis for a lawsuit. By meticulously collecting evidence to support a claim, a McDonough truck accident lawyer could work for a favorable resolution to your injuries. Consult a representative today to schedule a free consultation and speak with an attorney who understands the severe physical, emotional, and financial impact a truck accident has on your life.