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    McDonough Medical Malpractice Lawyer

    While medical malpractice occurs in all different types of medical fields, it almost always comes as a shock to victims and their families. Patients trust in their medical providers to offer quality care, and when the services rendered fail to meet the accepted standard for their specialty, they have rights. With the help of a McDonough medical malpractice lawyer, you able to recover compensation for your damages through a claim.

    If you or your loved one suffered a medical malpractice injury, an experienced personal injury attorney could help. While the medical malpractice claims process is extremely complex, an attorney may be able to serve as a guide to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

    Medical Malpractice Claims in McDonough

    Medical malpractice injuries could occur during the course of almost any type of medical treatment. Some of the most common injuries caused by negligent healthcare professionals include:

    • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
    • Birth injuries
    • Surgical errors
    • Medication and pharmaceutical errors
    • Anesthesia errors

    Most of these injuries do not automatically mean that a person has an actionable claim. Consequently, it is important to determine how specifically an injury occurred to understand liability.

    Depending on the circumstances of the medical malpractice injury, there are a few parties who could potentially bear liability for causing the plaintiff’s damages. The medical provider themselves, their parent corporation, hospital, practice group, or medical facility could all be liable depending on the specific circumstances. A medical malpractice attorney in McDonough could help examine the circumstances to understand fault.

    What Damages Are Available?

    In a medical malpractice claim, injured patients may be eligible for a variety of economic damages and noneconomic damages. Economic damages are financial losses that are generally relatively easy to calculate. These include medical bills, surgical repair or revision costs, hospital stays, pain medication, rehabilitation, and lost wages due to missed time at work.

    Noneconomic damages are harder to calculate and include intangible losses such as pain and suffering, the loss of ability to pursue favorite hobbies, career, or educational goals, and mental anguish. If someone’s medical malpractice injuries caused them to lose their life, their family may be eligible for wrongful death damages.

    The Accepted Standard of Care

    There are several different factors a court may consider when determining whether medical malpractice took place. In the mere event that a medical provider made a mistake or failed to provide the best treatment does not mean they necessarily committed medical malpractice. Preferably, the court will ask whether the medical provider’s conduct breached the accepted standard of care owed to their patients.

    To determine what the accepted standard of care is, the court may consult the testimony of medical experts or specialists who work in the same field of medicine about what they may have done in a similar situation. A skilled McDonough attorney could work to establish that the medical provider breached the standard of care in their treatment of the medical malpractice plaintiff.

    Consult an Experienced McDonough Medical Malpractice Attorney

    Whatever the extent or severity of a patient’s injury, a compassionate McDonough medical malpractice lawyer could help plaintiffs and their families that seek to hold the negligent medical provider accountable. To learn more about your rights and options, call today for a free consultation.