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    McDonough Bus Accident Lawyer

    Although buses are often an ideal way to transport large numbers of people, they are also dangerous vehicles. This danger, however, does not excuse the duty of care that bus operators have to their commuters or other motor vehicles on the road.

    If you were recently injured in a bus wreck, a compassionate McDonough bus accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your damages in civil court. Reaching out to an experienced attorney may be your best option for recovering financially after a bus crash.

    Liability for Bus Accidents

    Bus wrecks are often complicated cases, as they often involve multiple liable parties. Negligent parties in a bus accident case might include:

    • The driver
    • The owner of the bus
    • The company running the bus service
    • Other drivers
    • The bus manufacturer or bus parts manufacturer

    A plaintiff’s McDonough bus accident attorney could examine the facts of the accident carefully to determine who should be held responsible in their particular case. Each negligent individual could be held liable to the victim for their own portion of the damages caused in the wreck.

    No Right of Contribution

    As per Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33, there is no right of contribution among tortfeasors in the State of Georgia. If one defendant settles with the plaintiff, but the others do not, a reduction of the total percentage owed is not allowed. Instead, the settlement becomes a factor for the jury to consider when determining the remaining defendants’ percentage of fault, and therefore compensation they owe to the plaintiff.

    Compensable Damages in a Bus Accident Claim

    Individuals who are involved in bus wrecks may suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. By teaming with an experienced bus accident lawyer in McDonough, victims may be able to effectively seek compensation for these losses and inconveniences that are commonly referred to as economic or non-economic damages. Recoverable damages after a bus accident might include:

    • Past and future decreased income
    • Past and future medical bills
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Loss of consortium
    • Property damage

    The Possibility of Punitive Damages

    Whereas compensable damages are designed to compensate victims for their damages, punitive damages are meant to punish defendants and to deter them and from future similar behaviors. As per O.C.G.A §51-12-5.1, a jury may only award punitive damages in cases in which there is clear and convincing evidence that a negligent party acted intentionally reckless, with willful misconduct, or with the intent to harm the case holder. It is also essential for plaintiffs to note that Georgia law also caps punitive damages at $250,000. For more information about recoverable damages following a bus crash, contact an accomplished lawyer.

    Consult with a McDonough Bus Accident Attorney

    After suffering injuries in a bus wreck, you may need to seek medical help from experienced healthcare providers for your physical well-being. Because of the cost of medical bills and general damages, you may also want to seek legal assistance from an experienced McDonough bus accident lawyer for your financial well-being.

    By hiring an attorney to represent your interests, you could focus on getting the medical treatment you need and still pursue compensation for your damages. It may be important to act quickly, so call today to schedule a consultation today and get started on your case.