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    Newnan Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    Aging members of society are still valuable members of the community and should always be treated with respect and compassion. Finding out your family member’s dignity was not respected during such a vulnerable time in their lives can be a terrible discovery to cope with—not to mention a difficult one to address in civil court.

    Working with an experienced Newnan nursing home abuse lawyer may help empower residents and their families once again. Let a skilled personal injury attorney advocate for you.

    Nursing Homes Often Look Out for Themselves

    A quality nursing home care facility should be eager to investigate any allegations and ensure their facility is safe. If a nursing home balks at investigating reports of abuse and neglect, however, this can be a critical red flag.

    Some nursing homes ultimately prioritize their own best interests over those, and not its patients or their families. A Newnan nursing home abuse attorney could work with families to find out exactly what happened, and determine whether the nursing home facility is a place their loved one should continue to stay.

    Common Signs of Abuse

    Common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include but are not limited to:

    • Unexpected or unexplained bruises, marks, scratches, contusions, scrapes, or sexually transmitted diseases
    • New-onset extreme depression, anxiety, withdrawal from friends and family, or loss of interest in favorite activities
    • An inappropriate relationship with or fear of a staff member
    • New onset financial troubles,
    • Bedsores and infections, or soiled diapers, clothes, and linen

    Impact of Abuse on a Victims’ Health

    Many nursing home residents already have pre-existing health conditions. Experiencing abuse and neglect can worsen those conditions, especially when they occur at the hands of a staff member tasked with caring for their health.

    Every aspect of nursing home abuse and neglect can affect the health of residents, whether due to not receiving necessary medication in a timely manner, being left in bed without exercise, or the strain of being physically or emotionally abused.

    Nursing Home Facility and Staff Liability

    Nursing home facilities take on the care of their aging residents, and many of those residents come into care with existing health conditions and declining overall health. For this reason, it can be reasonably expected that the resident’s conditions may worsen over time, simply due to their age and health status.

    However, when abuse and neglect occurs, any resulting decline in health is not something that would have occurred had the abuse not taken place. As such, nursing home facilities and their staff members should be held accountable for the damages they cause through abuse and neglect of the patients under their care.

    How a Newnan Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

    It is better to examine the circumstances at a nursing home just to be safe rather than allow possible abuse and neglect to continue. A skilled Newnan nursing home abuse lawyer could investigate any suspected instance of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, and afterward help your family decide how to proceed. Call today to schedule a consultation.