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    Villa Rica Defective Products Lawyer

    Defective and dangerous items often enter the marketplace because manufacturers are not careful in designing, making, or marketing these products. It is consumers who pay the price of this negligence. Dangerous products may cause burns, electrical shocks, deep lacerations, and other severe injuries.

    A Villa Rica defective products lawyer could assist injured consumers in obtaining justice when faulty items cause them harm. Once retained, a personal injury attorney could help someone recover monetary compensation that may help them address the medical expenses and other additional costs associated with their injuries.

    When is a Manufacturer Legally Responsible for a Dangerous Defect in a Product?

    Companies that do not exercise due care during the manufacturing and distribution processes may carelessly allow a product to enter the marketplace with one or more defects. A defect is any condition or characteristic that renders a product potentially dangerous. Defects may include:

    • A product whose design makes it unreasonably unsafe
    • Labels that do not warn consumers about potential safety risks
    • Instructions that do not tell customers how to use a product safely
    • Manufacturing a product with insufficient or improper materials

    Additionally, manufacturers have a legal obligation to take reasonable measures to prevent the distribution of faulty items. If a manufacturer knows or should have known its products are defective, then this entity should take reasonable steps to either alert customers of the hazards or recall the product. Just as failing to prevent a defect from occurring may lead to compensable harm, so too can the failure to take reasonable actions once an error is discovered.

    In general, consumers who suffer an injury because of a defect in a product may be eligible to recover financial compensation. Attorneys in Villa Rica could review a person’s situation and assist in determining whether they have a viable defective product claim.

    Recoverable Damages in a Villa Rica Lawsuit

    Expenses and losses that a plaintiff experiences because of a faulty item may be compensable through a lawsuit. These compensable losses and expenses may include:

    • The costs associated with emergency treatment
    • Wages that a plaintiff did not earn because of their injuries and recovery
    • Damage to other personal property
    • Having to experience physical pain and mental anguish

    Damages may be available for future expenses as well. If the injured plaintiff will need additional medical treatment or will not be able to return to work, these and other similar losses may be compensable.

    Additionally, in some instances, a plaintiff may be able to pursue punitive damages. These damages act more like a fine or penalty and serve to deter others from engaging in similar conduct. If the manufacturer of a faulty product deliberately misled others or covered up evidence of defects to increase their sales, punitive damages may be appropriate. A lawyer in Villa Rica could determine what types of damages a person may be able to recover in a defective product case.

    Contact a Villa Rica Defective Products Attorney Today

    Manufacturers of dangerous products may be responsible for the damages they inflict on customers through their careless or reckless actions. Injured plaintiffs should work with an experienced Villa Rica defective products lawyer to learn the nature of their legal rights and what actions they may be able to take. To schedule your case consultation, call today.