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    Villa Rica Bicycle Accident Lawyer

     Even when equipped with appropriate safety gear and taking appropriate precautions, bicyclists may suffer severe harm in a collision with a motor vehicle. Because of their lack of protection against the force of a car, bicyclists may sustain brain damage, back or hip injuries, and other potentially-debilitating wounds. These individuals also may experience mental distress, trauma, and financial losses related to treating these injuries.

    Fortunately, injured cyclists may be able to recover compensation from the responsible parties with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. A Villa Rica bicycle accident lawyer could assist injured parties through the claims process and evaluate what types of damages they may be able to pursue.

    Establishing Negligence in a Bike Accident Claim

    When a bike accident happens because a motorist or other person acted negligently, the plaintiff’s eligibility to recover compensation rests on their ability to prove breach of duty of care, causation, and the amount of compensation they need. A motorist breaches their duty of care when they break a traffic law or behave recklessly in a way that endangers others on the road. To establish that a defendant violated their duty of care, an injured bicyclist must provide evidence of this type of behavior.

    Injured plaintiffs also must demonstrate that the defendant’s reckless behavior was the proximate cause of the accident that resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries. Plaintiffs who would have suffered injuries regardless of the defendant’s misconduct may be unable to show this connection, and therefore, may not be able to recover compensation.

    Lastly, the plaintiff must produce evidence that substantiates the amount of compensation they are requesting. Bills, invoices, estimates, and work attendance records are all crucial pieces of evidence that may help prove financial losses. Additionally, testimony from the plaintiff and their loved ones could be necessary if the injured cyclist is seeking compensation for noneconomic damages.

    By partnering with a lawyer in Villa Rica, plaintiffs may find it easier to contact witnesses and find the evidence necessary to proceed with their bicycle accident lawsuit. Legal counsel also could provide plaintiffs with a realistic assessment of the strength of their claim.

    Claimant Liability in Villa Rica Cases

    A bicyclist may contribute to their injuries by engaging in negligent conduct as well. For instance, a bicyclist’s decision not to wear a helmet may have exacerbated their injuries, or they may have made a sudden maneuver that made it difficult for a motorist to avoid a collision. In these situations, a claimant may question whether they may still be eligible to pursue financial recovery.

    Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-11-7 states that plaintiffs who are 50 percent or more at fault for their injuries are not entitled to any recovery from a defendant. Otherwise, a court may reduce any compensation award the plaintiff receives in proportion to the percentage of fault attributed to their actions. Depending on the facts of the cycling accident case, an attorney could help an individual in Villa Rica maximize the amount of compensation they may receive by arguing that the role the claimant played in their collision was minimal.

    Contact a Villa Rica Bicycle Accident Attorney

    If a negligent motorist struck you while riding your bike, you may be able to secure financial compensation. A Villa Rica bicycle accident lawyer could develop a case strategy that helps you recover monetary damages for all of your losses and injuries. For more information about how we could help, call today.