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    Applying for Long-Term Disability in Carrollton

    Applying for long-term disability in Carrollton is not difficult. However, insurance companies frequently deny claims if applications lack information or do not include the exact information requested. Anyone applying for long-term disability benefits should make sure that they fully comply with what the insurance company requires.

    It is very important to keep copies of everything submitted and consider creating a simple journal which documents when items were sent to the insurer, conversations which occurred, names of anyone spoken to, and promises made by the insurer. Those seeking benefits need to manage the process as insurance companies generally will not do it for them. It may be beneficial to speak with an experienced long-term disability lawyer who can help you protect your rights.

    Benefits Application Process

    Those with employer-based long-term disability insurance plans should contact their employer’s Human Resources department to request an application. While larger employers may have the forms on hand, smaller employers may simply have links to forms which can be downloaded online. Whatever the case, it is important to obtain every form required – as some may simply need to be initiated.

    How to Request an Application?

    Those with private long-term disability insurance should contact their insurance company representative to request an application and find out what is required. Complete the employee statement. Most long-term disability insurance benefit applications contain an employee statement section which asks for personal information (name, birth date, employer, SS number, etc.) and also information regarding their disability, contact information for doctors, medications taken, and more.

    While this may vary by insurance company, it is important to provide information for everything. In many cases, applicants may be asked to submit a signed authorization which allows insurance companies to request medical records in accordance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other medical privacy laws.

    Information Required

    In addition to providing personal information when applying for long-term disability in Carrollton, employers provide information such as date hired, effective date of insurance coverage, earnings, last date worked and whether the applicant returned to work, other insurance benefits or income the applicant is eligible to receive, title of the applicant’s occupation, and the physical and mental requirements of the applicant’s occupation. Obtain a statement from the attending doctor. This statement is likely the most important as insurance companies generally rely heavily on a medical professional’s judgment.

    What is the Impact of Consolidated Information for the Application?

    The statement will likely require information from the doctor regarding their diagnoses, signs, and symptoms reported, whether the injury or illness is work-related, when treatment was provided, what types of treatment were provided, whether any referrals were given, and most importantly – an objective diagnosis of the applicant’s physical limitations and mental impairments.

    Submit the application to the insurance company or employer only after making absolutely sure that it contains all of the information requested. If there are additional documents available to bolster the application (although not requested), it is best to err on the side of caution and submit them as well.

    The lack of the required information when applying for long-term disability in Carrollton will likely lead to denial. Requesting Carrollton long-term disability insurance benefits can be a daunting task. Many long-term disability insurance lawyers offer services that handle the process for applicants to make sure that approvals happen the first time around.