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    Long-Term Disability Insurance Issues in Carrollton

    Long-term disability insurance issues in Carrollton often involve insurance companies who deny valid claims. While they are entitled to do so when an application for benefits is missing information, many insurers simply deny coverage for seemingly no reason whatsoever in the hope that applicants will blindly accept that decision and walk away. If you are experiencing problems or denials with your policy, contact a skilled long-term disability lawyer as soon as possible.

    Denying Claims for Specific Reasons

    Long-term disability insurance carriers can deny benefits for a variety of reasons when their process is not followed. While insurers are entitled to receive the information they request on an application, they often deny claims for reasons not readily apparent in the fine print of the policy.

    Three of the most common include:

    • Failing to prove a disability exists. Long term disability insurance companies generally require sufficient medical proof of a disability. However, in many cases, they do not specify what that entails – leaving those applying for benefits in the dark
    • Missing filing deadlines. While most insurance claims have specific deadlines, not every claim proceeds as desired. Applicants have to provide a great deal of information about themselves, and also obtain information from their employer and their doctor
    • Having an underlying impairment. Insurance companies often argue that a disability is not really a disability because it relates to a preexisting condition, substance abuse, or some other type of subjective symptom

    How do Insurance Companies Fight these Claims?

    Sometimes, getting that information can take longer than expected – regardless of how conscientious an applicant is their attempt. Anyone who has been denied valid long-term disability benefits for missing a deadline which was out of their control should not give up. Talk to a supervisor, then to their supervisor’s supervisor.

    Essentially, the insurer is saying that the disability is really something else and should not be covered. However, medical professionals, not insurance companies, ultimately make the final determination regarding whether someone is disabled, the cause of the disability, how long the disability will last, and more.

    Denial Without Explanation

    Many long-term disability insurance carriers deny or delay benefits for seemingly no reason whatsoever. While that can be immensely frustrating to policyholders with valid claims, insurance companies as a whole have a duty to treat their policyholders fairly and deal with them in good faith. When that does not happen, those with private long-term disability insurance policies can file a lawsuit against their insurance company alleging that they acted in bad faith.

    Essentially, bad faith insurance practices amount to denying or delaying benefits for no specific reason, failing to follow through on promises made, or requesting information that is overly burdensome for policyholders. Bad faith insurance damages are generally awarded in addition to long-term disability benefits. It may be difficult to deal with long-term disability insurance issues in Carrollton, that is why attorneys can help.

    What to do When Nothing Else Works

    Anyone who tried to deal fairly and patiently with their long-term disability insurer to no avail may still have options. Policyholders with private insurers or employer-based insurers covered under ERISA can do one of two things, contact an attorney who handles long-term disability insurance issues in Carrollton or file a complaint against the insurer with Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner.