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    Dallas Defective Products Lawyer

    Producers have a legal obligation to their consumers to design and create safe products. When consumers suffer injuries and other losses due to a dangerous or malfunctioning product, they may have a viable claim for damages.

    A Dallas defective products lawyer could help you file a claim if you sustained injuries when using an item as intended. A skilled personal injury attorney could become your legal advocate as you fight against large manufacturing companies.

    What are Defective Products?

    Defective products can be any item that does not work as intended due to its design or the manufacturing process. If a company makes a mistake during one of these processes, it could be liable for any injuries that result.

    A court also may find a producer liable if they fail to adequately warn its consumers about the possible dangers or side effects of using its product. It is important to note that individuals may only have a viable claim if they got injured because they were using an item as the producer intended.

    An individual should contact a lawyer if they are thinking about filing a defects products claim in Dallas because a legal professional could help them determine if a company may be liable for their injuries. Additionally, an attorney could identify how a producer may be at fault, whether it was during the manufacturing process r by failing to warn consumers of its product’s dangers.

    Statute of Limitations

    Claimants have a limited amount of time to file their cases after sustaining injuries from a faulty item. Under Official Georgia Code Annotated §9-3-33, an individual has two years from the date of their injuries to file a claim. However, there are a few exceptions to this statutory deadline. For instance, according to O.C.G.A §51-1-11, if a claimant only suffered property damage, the statute of limitations is four years.

    If an injured party fails to meet this deadline, they may risk losing their opportunity to recover any compensation. A Dallas defective products attorney could help a claimant meet all legal deadlines pertinent to their claim.

    How Are Damages Determined?

    The amount of monetary compensation that a plaintiff may be able to receive depends on the totality of their losses. The severity of the claimant’s injuries and property damage may be examined as well as how their losses may impact their life in the future. For instance, if an individual becomes permanently disabled after using a defective item, their compensation could be substantial.

    Additionally, if a court finds that a plaintiff is partially to blame for their injuries, a judge may reduce a claimant’s compensation by their assigned percentage of fault. This may occur when a consumer did not use a product as intended and suffered bodily harm as a result. A lawyer in Dallas who is familiar with faulty items claims could review a plaintiff’s circumstances and determine what their compensatory award may look like.

    Speak with a Dallas Defective Products Attorney

    If you suffered bodily harm as a result of a malfunctioning product, you may be entitled to take legal action against the producer. A Dallas defective products lawyer could provide the support and legal protection necessary to sue a corporation. To get started on your case, schedule an initial consultation today.