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    Dallas Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    Nursing homes are expected to provide considerate and thorough care to our loved ones at all times. If you learn that the Dallas facility you trusted with this responsibility instead neglected or abused your loved ones, it could be crucial to address the situation legally as soon as possible.

    If you suspect a loved one suffered or is suffering abuse or neglect in their assisted care facility, talk to a compassionate Dallas nursing home abuse lawyer. While it may be impossible to change the past, a dedicated personal injury attorney could help you and your family seek compensation for the harm you endured, so you can achieve some semblance of justice and protect yourselves and others from future harm.

    Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

    Abuse in nursing homes can come in a variety of forms. While signs of physical abuse may be evident during a physical examination, others forms of abuse—such as financial exploitation or emotional abuse—may be undetectable even to loved ones.

    Some common signs of abuse in Dallas include:

    • Bed sores or malnutrition
    • Unexplained injuries, such as fractured bones, sprains, and bruises
    • Sudden changes in legal documents
    • Frequent or unusual ATM or bank withdrawals
    • Evidence of physical restraint
    • Childlike behavior, such as rocking or thumb-sucking
    • Fear or apprehension around staff or other residents
    • Any sudden change to a person’s demeanor or behavior

    It should be noted that elderly residents of assisted care facilities may easily bruise or become frightened, so certain symptoms may not always be cause for concern. However, changes in the frequency or severity of bruises could be an indicator of abuse. Individuals who suspect abuse should contact a Dallas nursing home abuse attorney and outline any concerns they have.

    Establishing Liability in Nursing Homes Cases

    In some cases, nursing home abuse and neglect may not be deliberate and may instead be the result of negligence on the nursing home’s part. However, nursing home staff and administrators can still be liable for harm inflicted even if it was unintentional. Generally, successful negligence-based cases hinge on demonstrating what the reasonable standard of care should have been in a particular situation and showing how a nursing home failed to uphold its duty to provide that care.

    From there, a nursing home abuse lawyer in Dallas could work to reinforce the direct connection between this breach of duty and harm sustained by the plaintiff or their elderly family member. If these elements are proven, a resident—or their family filing on their behalf—could recover monetary damages to cover expenses like medical bills, as well as compensation for intangible harm such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of activities.

    Scheduling a Consultation with a Dallas Nursing Home Attorney

    Many families may not be sure if a lawsuit is appropriate in their situation or whether taking legal action is in the best interests of their loved one. Regardless of whether you file suit or not, though, seeking legal counsel could help you ensure your loved one is safe and that their nursing home lives up to their obligations.

    A Dallas nursing home abuse lawyer could assist not only with filing a lawsuit but also in conducting investigations to determine whether maltreatment occurred. If you are concerned that a loved one in your family may be suffering from nursing home abuse, call today to schedule a consultation and learn how an attorney could help in your particular situation.