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    Dallas Premises Liability Lawyer

    Property owners have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of their premises and to warn some visitors of potential dangers. If a proprietor fails to meet this standard, they may face legal consequences.

    If you suffered injuries on someone else’s property, you should seek the services of an experienced a Dallas premises liability lawyer. A skilled personal injury attorney could determine if you have a viable legal claim and help you pursue fair compensation.

    When is a Proprietor Liable?

    Someone may have a viable premises liability claim if they get hurt while on another person’s or entity’s property. However, simply getting hurt on another’s property is not sufficient to bring a premises liability claim. Plaintiffs may only obtain damages if they can prove that the defendant was negligent.

    This means that an injured party must demonstrate that a proprietor failed to reasonably maintain their property, and therefore, created the dangerous condition that caused the plaintiff’s injuries. For example, if a property owner does not clean up a spill on their floor in a timely manner and someone slips and falls as a result, this proprietor may be liable for their injuries.

    Duty of Care

    Property owners owe different levels of care to their visitors depending on their reason for being on the premises at the time of their injury. Property owners owe the greatest amount of protection and care to invitees, who are visitors that benefit the property owner financially.

    Proprietors are required to maintain their premises and keep it reasonably safe for invitees. Property owners must warn licensees, or social guests, of known dangerous conditions on their premises that a licensee would not likely discover.

    Property owners do not owe trespassers any duty of care. However, children are still afforded some protection even if they are trespassing. Property owners must use reasonable care to remove or secure any dangerous conditions that could attract and injure a child trespasser. These conditions may include tools or a swimming pool. A Dallas premises liability attorney could determine what classification of visitor a claimant falls into and what protections they were entitled to based on their category.

    Recoverable Damages

    Those suffering from a premises liability injury may seek economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages may compensate a plaintiff for any medical bills or other monetary losses they may have accrued as a result of the injuries.

    Noneconomic damages may include emotional losses such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. These losses may be more difficult to prove. Therefore, an injured party should consult with a Dallas lawyer who has experience in litigating premises liability claims for help establishing all of their losses in court or settlement negotiations.

    Get in Touch with a Dallas Premises Liability Attorney

    Property owners have a duty to their visitors to keep them safe from potentially hazardous conditions on their premises. When they fail to do so, and you suffer injuries, they should be held accountable.

    A Dallas premises liability lawyer could give you the support you need to carry your claim forward. They could help you navigate through the process and become your legal advocate. Call today to get started on your claim for recovery.