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    Carrollton Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

    Statute 40-6-270 in the Georgia Code defines the duty of a driver involved in any incident where there is an injury to a person or any damage to a vehicle. The statute says the driver must stop at the scene of the accident or as close as possible to it.

    They must give their name, address, vehicle registration number, and their driver’s license. They are to render any aid possible to the person injured in the incident. The state of Georgia is quite hard on hit and run drivers. The first offense is a felony and every offense after receives worse penalties. If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, contact a skilled car accident attorney as soon as possible. A Carrollton hit and run accident lawyer can devote the time and resources necessary to build your personal injury case.

    Related Charges That Lead to Hit and Run Accidents

    Common offenses that often lead to hit and run accidents in Georgia include drinking and driving, driving without a license, and driving while on parole. People become frightened when they are involved in an accident and are on parole.

    They believe that an auto accident can cause them to be sent back to prison; which is usually not the case. There can be other factors. Underage driving sometimes comes into play, but usually, people do not stop for accidents because they are doing something wrong at the time of the accident.

    Steps to Take After a Hit and Run

    In a hit and run accident, the first thing the driver should do is find the person who hit them. Without the name of the person who hit them, there is no way to get any insurance information or investigate the liability of the other driver.

    However, if someone is injured in a hit and run accident, the first thing they should do is go to the hospital. The second step is to contact a Carrollton hit and run accident attorney. Involving a car wreck attorney in a hit and run accident is one of the most important aspects of getting recovery from a hit and run accident. The person needs to get that investigation going quickly.

    Holding the At-Fault Driver Accountable

    Carrollton hit and run lawyers work closely with police departments all over the state, trying to help the plaintiff find the hit and run driver.

    It is unfortunate to find out that the hit and run driver or the vehicle involved in the hit and run, has no liability coverage. It is possible that the client has underinsured motorist coverage or uninsured motorist coverage and can make a claim to get their medical bills and pain and suffering reimbursed.

    Recoverable Damages in an Accident

    There are general damages as well as special damages on top of punitive damages. Punitive damages are penalties assessed against an at-fault driver and/or the owner of the vehicle operated by the hit and run driver that can come into play if there is insurance coverage.

    Punitive damages come into play when there is a willful or wanton disregard for safety. Hit and run by its nature is a felony under Georgia law and triggers the punitive damages clause.

    Ways a Carrollton Hit and Run Accident Attorney Can Help

    To find the person and the vehicle involved in the hit and run accident, a Carrollton hit and run accident lawyer can work with private investigators to do their own investigation in addition to the investigation being conducted by the police department.  Furthermore, your hit and run attorney can use documentation such as your medical bills, photographs of your car, photographs of injuries you may have, and use them to strengthen your personal injury claim. If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, consult an attorney that can advocate for you.