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    Carrollton Accidents Involving Bad Weather

    Carrollton accidents involving bad weather are a frightening experience. The risk of getting into an accident is significantly higher, and it can be difficult to protect yourself in those conditions. If you have been involved in a single-vehicle accident or an accident involving another car due to bad weather, contact a qualified car accident lawyer. Your attorney can investigate the circumstances of your case, while simultaneously advising you on preventative measures you can take to ensure that you are safe on the road. Speak with a skilled legal advocate that can protect your rights.

    Driving in Inclement Weather in Georgia

    Georgia drivers have no idea how to drive in snow or ice which can lead to Carrollton accidents involving bad weather. A recent snow and ice storm hit Atlanta and drivers and did not know how to deal with it. People were stranded and sleeping in their cars. The airport was shut down for 90 hours. The coast and South Georgia sometimes has substantial sliding problems due to the low elevation. Roads down there have drainage issues because there is nowhere for the water to run off. That creates problems with hydroplaning and can make the road harder to drive on.

    There are times that hurricanes threaten the coast of Georgia and the entire southeast part of the state. Almost every summer, a hurricane hits the panhandle of Florida and comes directly north as a tropical storm. During those times, there are heavy rains for about 24 hours with gusty winds that could result in accidents during that time. For the most part, people stay off the roads when hurricanes and tropical storms hit.

    Warning Signs and Preventative Measures

    During Carrollton accidents involving bad weather, when someone loses control of their car, their tires may lose traction. If that occurs, the driver should not brake or accelerate suddenly. They should ease off the accelerator, steer towards an open area, and wait for the vehicle to come to a stop. A person can protect themselves from weather-related accidents by maintaining the tires on their vehicle. Any tire defect or lack of maintenance in the tires could lead to a deadly situation. People should use caution when driving during a downpour of snow and ice.

    Steps to Take Following an Accident

    When someone is involved in Carrollton accidents involving bad weather, the first step they should always take is making sure they are not injured and are physically able to exit the vehicle. The second step is to find their cellphone and take some pictures of the roadway and what they believe caused the accident.

    Dangerous weather does not really affect assignment of fault in a car accident in Georgia because the at-fault driver is usually cited for going too fast for the conditions. However, there could be issues with storm drainage, drainage ditches, and things like that that are maintained by local and county governments that could have contributed to the accident.

    An individual’s attorney can collect information from websites that record historical data based on weather radars and weather beacons placed all over America. That data is usually compiled by state highway departments. In other areas, radars and weather data are kept by the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

    How a Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

    When someone is injured in a car crash where they hydroplaned or slid off the road due to snow and ice, they may think it was simply a single-car accident. However, there are other people and governmental entities that could be at fault and contributed to the car crash. In a single-vehicle accident, your Carrollton car accident lawyer can visit the accident scene to take a look at where the accident occurred. The attorney can look for engineering defects or construction defects in the roadway that could have caused the accident. When there is a particular design defect in the roadway, there can be general, special, and punitive damages.They often will ask you to share how you believe the incident occurred.  If you want to know more about Carrollton accidents involving bad weather, consult an attorney today and know that you are in good hands.