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    How to Deal with Carrollton Car Wreck Adjusters

    A lot of car insurance companies want you to think they are friendly and helpful. The truth is insurance adjusters are tasked with saving money for those companies. Many times, the insurance adjuster will make you an offer that is far below what your claim is worth. Our experienced attorneys could explain how to deal with Carrollton car wreck adjuster after an accident.

    State Farm Insurance Adjusters

    The “neighborly” folks at State Farm can be unfriendly when helping with your claim. One of the first questions you want to ask is who your State Farm insurance adjuster is. If your claim is not assigned to an individual insurance adjuster, but rather a team of adjusters, this means State Farm may think your insurance claim is low in value. This is a signal State Farm will likely offer you far below the amount you deserve for your claim. State Farm does have some good insurance adjusters. Unfortunately, those adjusters, in our opinion, are not put onto claims unless a lawsuit is filed.

    Put yourself in the shoes of an insurance adjuster. They have to deal with a lot of people trying to pull a fast one on them. There are a lot of personal injury lawyers who want to take advantage of insurance companies. This is not how the attorneys at Parian Injury Law, LLC deal with insurance adjusters in Carrollton car wreck claims.

    Some car wreck cases can be resolved without hiring a lawyer. If you received medical care for real injuries you suffered in a car wreck, pull those bills together and tell the insurance adjuster how much you want to receive from them. There are a lot of things you can recover for on top of the medical bills though. The car wreck attorneys at our firm could help you get that recovery you deserve.

    A recorded statement is a common request from a State Farm adjuster. You do not have to give one. Our team recommends that you do not give a recorded statement to a car insurance adjuster until you talk to a lawyer. We offer free consultations for this purpose.

    Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Adjusters

    One of the biggest insurance companies in America is Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Insurance companies make money by paying as little for claims as possible. Liberty Mutual wants to shut down claims quickly to save money. Cade Parian spent his early career representing insurance companies. Insurance adjusters are trained to bully you into settlement. Some insurance companies even compensate them based upon the monies saved by not paying the full value of claims. Liberty Mutual can act in bad faith sometimes when you are dealing with them on an uninsured motorist claim or another type of car insurance claim. Examples of bad faith include:

    1. Intentionally delaying payment of your insurance claim
    2. Failing to investigate your claim fully
    3. Denying your valid insurance claim
    4. Not offering you a reasonable settlement for your insurance claim.
    5. Failing to interpret your car insurance policy properly.

    Liberty Mutual is one insurance company that you can count on a low offer from for your claim. If you accept that low offer, you cannot come back later and ask for more money for your car wreck injuries even if you need future medical treatment.

    Parian Injury Law, LLC and Cade Parian can help you deal with the insurance adjusters at Liberty Mutual by asking for a larger settlement or we can file a lawsuit to hold them accountable following a car accident.

    Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) Adjusters

     GEICO is one of the biggest car insurance companies in the United States. This means GEICO has a lot of car insurance claims. Many of its insurance adjusters and in-house counsel are overwhelmed by the number of claims they have to process on a daily basis. GEICO claims are the most likely to go into litigation.

    A common GEICO insurance adjuster tactic is to argue with you about whose fault a car wreck is. They do this in hopes that you will not continue your medical treatment even though the car wreck was caused by a GEICO insured driver. GEICO adjusters think they can put fear into you making you think they will not cover your medical bills. GEICO insurance adjusters love asking for recorded statements. Do not do it. What you say during that recorded statement may be used against you later. What is even more maddening is that sometimes insurance adjusters are recording you without your knowledge. This is why it is important to handle car accident adjusters with a skilled Carrollton attorney by your side.

    Progressive Insurance Company

    Progressive Insurance adjusters give just as many low offers as GEICO and Liberty Mutual insurance adjusters. The car wreck attorneys of The Parian Law Firm, LLC could file a lawsuit for you to hold those insurance adjusters’ feet to the fire. Progressive Insurance Company insurance adjusters are trained to minimize your claim so you will accept a low settlement offer.

    Allstate Insurance Company

    Colossus is a computer program that Allstate uses to assess your car wreck claim. That is right. A computer is making the call about how much your pain and suffering is worth. Allstate commonly offers to pay you less than the amount you owe in medical bills. Georgia law is clear that an at-fault party owes the total of medical bills. Allstate likes to tell you that is wrong.  We like telling the jury why Allstate is wrong.

    Whatever the Colossus computer system spits out is likely the amount to be offered by an Allstate Insurance adjuster. You do not have to take the settlement offer that Allstate makes. Our attorneys are qualified to help you fight Allstate to get the money you deserve.

    Farm Bureau Georgia

    Farm Bureau is a huge insurance company with offices in many states. Dealing with a Georgia Farm Bureau insurance adjuster in Carrollton is like dealing with an insurance adjuster at all the other large car insurance companies.

    We have found that different adjusters are assigned to different insurance claims. Some adjusters have a top amount, say $10,000.00, that they can negotiate. The car wreck attorneys of The Parian Law Firm, LLC have years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters. We usually know how Farm Bureau values your case based upon the insurance adjuster assigned.

    Do not agree to give a recorded statement to any car wreck insurance adjuster. They will be recording every word that comes out of your mouth. Call the Carrollton law firm of Cade Parian. The Parian Law Firm, LLC are qualified car wreck attorneys who can handle your claim. Our attorneys know the money you deserve for a car wreck.