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    Carrollton Car Accident Multiple Defendants Litigation

    After a car accident, there a number of steps that an individual needs to take beginning with seeking medical attention and then contacting a lawyer. With the help of an experienced car accident attorney, an injured individual can seek to recover damages and hold the negligent party responsible for their actions. However, it can be a confusing process when dealing with Carrollton car accident multiple defendants litigation.

    If there are multiple defendants, the litigation proceeds in the same way; the plaintiff has the opportunity to tell their side first. Once the plaintiff is done telling their story, all of the defendants, if there are multiple defendants, have the opportunity to come forward and present their case to the jury as to why they believe they are not at fault.

    Multiple Defendants and the Outcome of the Case

    Sometimes when dealing with Carrollton car accident multiple defendants litigation, the plaintiff is not only telling the jury that all of the defendants are at fault but sometimes when there are multiple defendants, defendants try to place blame on other defendants. This is a common occurrence in situations where there is a multi-car crash and there is a dispute as to who may have actually hit the plaintiff.

    These cases can occur when there is an at-fault driver, and the defendant is a municipality or government entity. Often, the at-fault driver will point the finger at the government entity and say that they were at fault.

    Privacy Health Laws

    When multiple defendants are on the stand, is not difficult to talk to privacy health laws but there is usually only one person on the witness stand at a time. A person’s medical records are likely going to be a very important piece of their claim. The attorney is going to presenting the plaintiff’s medical records to the jury in order to prove the extent of their injuries. Usually, they have executed multiple (HIPAA) labors and releases beforehand which enabled the attorney to get their hands on the medical records. It rarely comes into play in Carrollton car accident litigation involving multiple defendants that healthcare privacy law becomes an issue.

    The Car Accident Lawyer’s Argument

    From the beginning of an individual becoming a client, the attorney begins formulating a story or theme for the person’s case. That theme will carry them from day one until the end of the trial. When multiple defendants are involved, they have to make sure that the jury understands what they are blaming on each defendant.

    When cases involve multiple defendants, they could actually have some claims that they want the jury to understand so that they know which theme applies to each defendant. This is useful for when the jurors go back into the jury room; they remember those themes and they are able to apportion the fault to the defendants.

    How Long Does a Carrollton Car Accident Litigation Involving Multiple Defendants Last?

    The Carrollton car accident multiple defendants litigation process can be quite lengthy in Georgia. There are a lot of cases that are in litigation; a person has to remember that not only is their car wreck case in litigation but there also thousands of other cases in that county which involve litigation including divorce, criminal action, things of that nature.

    Unfortunately, judges are spread thin in the state of Georgia. The court controls the timing of when a person’s case goes to trial, and the attorney can aggressively pursue their claim but ultimately courts only have so much time to hear jury trials. Therefore, litigation can extend a long time depending on how busy the court is.