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    Carrollton Rear-End Collision Lawyer

    There is no definition of rear-end collision under Georgia law. A rear end-collision occurs when a vehicle crashes into the vehicle in front of it. If you have been rear-ended and sustained injuries and/or damage to your vehicle, as a result, contact a Carrollton rear-end collision lawyer today. A qualified car accident attorney can fight tirelessly to hold the responsible party accountable and bolster your defense.

    Common Fact Patterns

    Common fact patterns surrounding rear-end collisions in Georgia are distracted driving, looking down at a cellphone, playing with the radio, and things of that nature. The car in front of someone stops at a red light and they fail to notice. Another cause of a rear-end collision is when someone is stopped at a red light and they inadvertently lift their foot off of the brake pedal and their car slowly bumps into the one vehicle ahead. A common cause is a chain reaction or accordion accident where a vehicle, two to three cars back, hits the back of a car behind someone and causes a chain reaction where that car hits the car in front of them.

    Assignment of Fault in Rear-End Collision Cases

    Fault is generally assigned to the vehicle that hits the rear end of another vehicle. Georgia has a statute for following too closely and one for failure to yield. Both of these can be cited for the at-fault driver in a rear-end collision. However, it is not always is a rear-end collision caused by the vehicle directly behind them. It can be caused by a vehicle two to three vehicles behind someone that causes a chain reaction and accordions the car into the rear end of the car ahead. A Carrollton rear-end collision lawyer can work to show that the negligent driver was at fault.

    Methods an Attorney Can Use to Establish Liability

    A Carrollton rear-end collision lawyer often tries to establish liability through solid evidence. A plaintiff can help by photographing the scene of the accident. People should take photos of their rear bumper as well as damage anywhere else on the vehicle if they are not too injured. Sometimes with rear-end impacts, there are other dents and cracks in the metal of the vehicle just above the trunk lid of a car or just above the rear tailgate of an SUV. People should pay close attention to any damage from a rear-end collision.

    Some damage to a vehicle involved in a rear-end collision can be hard to see because the bumper is made of sturdy plastic and has firm rubber or Styrofoam underneath. When the scene of the accident is not well-lit, the driver should go somewhere that is better lit such as a gas station and take all the pictures they can of any visible scratches, dings, or dents. No matter how minor the impact was, it could cause major health problems.

    Necessity of Contacting a Carrollton Rear-End Accident Attorney

    It is important to contact a Carrollton rear-end collision lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident so your attorney can guide you through the process of speaking to the insurance companies of the at-fault driver. Often times, the at-fault driver’s insurance company requests a recorded statement early on in a rear-end collision case. You have to be careful about what you say to the insurance company. While the representative may seem friendly, they are looking for any reason to not pay fair market value for the damages and injuries that you have sustained.