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    Expert Witnesses in Carrollton Car Accident Cases

    Sometimes an expert in his or her field of study is called to trial, based upon their education, training, and experience. This individual, known as an expert witness, is allowed to offer opinion testimony. Both the plaintiff and defense are allowed to call forth expert witnesses. Because their testimony can hold so much weight, it can be important to find an experienced Carrollton car accident attorney who has relationships with trusted expert witnesses. A dedicated attorney would be able to find expert witnesses in Carrollton car accident cases.

    What is an Expert Witness?

    An expert witness is someone that testifies at trial or provides specialized testimony related to trial. For instance, a doctor would be considered an expert witness. Expert testimony can be considered anything the average person would not be knowledgeable about. There are many expert witnesses in many fields, from medical examiner to engineer.

    The federal case known as the Daubert sets the minimum requirement of experience for who can and cannot be considered an expert witness. It would be preferred if expert witnesses in Carrollton car accident cases had highly advanced degrees that enable them to provide expert testimony.

    Types of Expert Witness in Car Accident Cases

    The most common type of expert witness in a car accident case would be a physician. Other possible expert witnesses include engineers who would be able to testify about the inner workings of a vehicle. A body mechanics expert who can testify as to how a person’s body moves in the split second the car accident occurred may be another likely expert witness.

    Finally, another type of expert witnesses in Carrollton car accident cases would fall under the category of accident reconstruction expert. These experts were usually former law enforcement officers who are able to reconstruct an accident by visiting the scene and able to create technological renderings of the person’s car accident.

    Key Expert Witness Details

    It is generally frowned upon for expert witnesses to have a prior relationship with the plaintiff. However, many doctors have seen plaintiffs prior to the accident but other than doctor-patient relationships, it is rare for an expert witness to have a prior contact with the plaintiff.

    A car accident attorney will always discuss with the potential client the cost, and the pros and cons for utilizing expert witnesses in Carrollton car accident cases. They will never be left out of that conversation or any other conversation regarding utilizing an expert witness.

    Consulting a Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer

    Day in and day out, an experienced lawyer would speak with, negotiate with, and commiserate with insurance companies. They understand how many of the largest insurance companies in America operate. While insurance companies have popular commercials, their promises are not always accurate and when individuals are too stressed to handle their claims on their own, they will quickly learn that the insurance company may not have their best interests at heart. This is why it is best to contact a lawyer.

    An attorney also investigates a person’s claim from the very moment that they sign on. The lawyer will make sure they contact law enforcement officers, witnesses; they will visit the scene of the crash, conduct an investigation and try to get the best medical care possible regardless of the person’s financial situation or health insurance status.