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    Carrollton Head-On Collision Accident Lawyer

    There is no definition of a head-on collision under Georgia law. A head-on collision can be defined as any impact to the front end of the vehicle. It is a collision where the front ends of two vehicles are pointing at each other when the collision occurs. You could potentially sustain a catastrophic injury as a result of a collision. Injuries can be life-changing and also result in exorbitant hospital bills, however, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured in a collision, consult a Carrollton head-on collision accident lawyer. Your capable car accident attorney can advocate for you.

    Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Head-On Collisions

    Common fact patterns surrounding head-on collisions in Georgia are over-correction by another driver in the opposite lane of traffic, DUIs, and drowsy driving. Weather conditions such as rain, snow, or ice can cause vehicles to leave their lane of traffic and cause terrible head-on accidents. People in the South are not used to driving in snow or ice, so whenever there is any type of frozen precipitation falling from the sky or on the ground, there is a greater number of head-on collisions.

    Injuries Associated With Collisions

    It is important for people to wear seatbelts whenever they are inside of a vehicle. Head-on collisions are among the most severe accidents. Cars are safer because of the airbags but, seatbelts are crucial in keeping someone safe along with the airbags. The injuries common in head-on collisions include traumatic brain injuries, broken legs, broken arms, and things of that nature. Generally, head-on collisions cause the worst type of injuries.¬†When there are no injuries to treat, there is no case. A person should follow the doctor’s orders because without medical care, there is no personal injury claim. A Carrollton head-on collision lawyer can help injured individuals file their personal injury claim.

    Assignment of Fault

    Usually, in head-on collisions, someone crossed the center line on a two-lane road. Due to the severity of many head-on collisions, local sheriff’s departments and the Georgia State Patrol have specialized accident reconstruction teams that can do an assessment of the physical evidence surrounding the car crash.

    The law that is often violated in a head-on collision is the Georgia law for failure to maintain the lane. There are sophisticated, scientific ways that police departments use to determine exactly who crossed the center line at what point to cause the head-on collision.

    Factors that can impact liability in head-on collisions are speed, proper maintenance of a vehicle, especially the tires, and up to date prescription glasses if someone has them. Head-on collisions often involve someone who is driving drunk. An experienced Carrollton head-on collision lawyer can help individuals try to establish the liability of the at-fault driver.

    Steps a Carrollton Head-On Collision Attorney Can Take to Help

    The first step a Carrollton head-on collision lawyer takes following a collision in Georgia is to make sure that you receive the required medical care through appropriate healthcare providers. The attorney contacts the investigating police department to determine the stage of the investigation and to ask whether they can provide any assistance in the investigation to ensure that the accident report is as fully accurate as possible. If you have been injured in a head-on collision accident, contact an attorney today and know that you are in good hands.