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    Carrollton Rollover Accident Lawyer

    Early on in his legal career, Cade Parian defended massive vehicle manufacturers in rollover accident cases that involved catastrophic injuries and most often death. Dealing with the families of people injured in these rollover accidents was tough for him. His heart could not get past the fact that he was arguing for a billion dollar company against that devastated family. Therefore, he quit the defense side of things, and has dedicated the rest of his practice to representing those people injured in auto wrecks, and notably rollover accidents. Carrollton rollover accident lawyer Cade Parian and The Parian Law Firm, LLC have been involved in rollover cases all over the United States.

    Most car accidents are not rollover accidents. For those unfortunate few involved in a rollover accident, their chances of suffering serious injury or death are off the charts. According to NHTSA’s website, rollovers account for one-third of all fatalities in car accidents. Contact an experienced car crash lawyer immediately to begin filing your claim.

    Causes of Rollover Accidents

    It is not common that a vehicle goes end over end via its hood and trunk. While not impossible to rollover in that fashion, most rollover accidents occur when a vehicle rolls violently to either the passenger’s side or driver’s side of the vehicle. The causes of such rolls are different in each case, but there are some common reasons are a defective design of the vehicle, defective or worn tires, and added weight.

    While there have been sports cars and other small cars known to rollover, the vast majority of the wrecks involve large vehicles such as SUVs, commercial vans, and commercial trucks. The key component of most is the weight of the vehicle. Violently sending something that heavy sideways rolling over is often tragic.

    Car manufacturers and tire manufacturers are hard at work in every vehicle evaluating their risk for rollover accidents. Even with new technology introduced to vehicles, rollover accidents are still a major concern. In fact, has a lot of information on rollovers and their causes.

    Hiring a Carrollton Rollover Accident Attorney

    Rollover accidents are at the core of a Carrollton rollover car accident lawyer of The Parian Law Firm, LLC.