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    Carrollton Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

    Parking lot accidents occur on private property. Any accident that occurs on a road or a highway occurs on public property. People should still contact the police if an accident occurs in a parking lot so they can do an accident report, detailing the specifics of how the parking lot accident occurred.

    Parking lot accidents carry the possible liability of the property owner of the parking lot where the accident occurred. If you would like to know more about how to file damages for a parking lot collision, contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible. A Carrollton parking lot accident lawyer can help you assess the facts of your case before filing your claim on your behalf. 

    Role of Slower Speed Limits and More Pedestrians

    Pedestrians generally have the right of way at a parking lot. People should always keep that in mind. A driver should always drive slowly through a parking lot. They never know if a person is going to come out from between two vehicles. That could end badly for the person. Drivers should be hyper-vigilant while driving in a parking lot. Should an injury occur, they should contact a Carrollton parking lot accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

    Difference to Carrollton Parking Lot Accidents

    Sometimes the police department does not come out to the scene of an accident in a parking lot. However, someone from either the local city police department or the county sheriff’s department generally comes out to document the accident and how it occurred. 

    How Insurance Companies Treat Parking Lot Injuries

    Carrollton parking lot accident lawyers know that these collisions are usually treated no differently than any other car accident unless there is a contributing factor caused by the property owner. If an automobile liability insurance company believes that the property owner had some liability in the accident, that automobile liability company may deny coverage in the hopes that the property owner’s insurance coverage covers the losses. 

    Georgia is a modified comparative negligence state. Any percentage of liability placed on the plaintiff reduces their recovery if a jury awards them damages. To learn more about contributory negligence laws, individuals should contact a Carrollton parking lot accident lawyer who can help them assess the proper recovery. 

    Importance of Contacting an Attorney

    Car accident claims can be tricky. Dealing with insurance companies, body shops, and medical providers can be confusing. Carrollton parking lot accident lawyers can speak with insurance companies to represent injured individuals for their claims.

    They often know what the insurance companies are thinking and can guide car accident victims through the process, getting their claims and their injuries addressed. The most important thing is getting the individual better from the injuries they sustained in the car crash. A skilled attorney can help you fight for the appropriate recovery you deserve after your accident.