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    Carrollton Side-Impact Truck Collision Lawyer

    The likelihood of injuries you might sustain after suffering from a side-impact crash skyrocket when larger vehicles are involved. Because of the severity of these injuries, medical bills often become more substantial and imposing. Despite your best efforts, it could be hard to focus on both recovery and the claim’s process after a negligent driver causes you harm. An experienced truck attorney could help you recover.

    A Carrollton side-impact truck collision lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you need and let you focus on your recovery. Call today and set up a consultation.

    Steps to Take After Suffering a Side-Impact Wreck with a Truck

    The first thing a person involved in a side-impact collision with a truck should do is make sure everyone in their vehicle is okay. If someone believes another in their car or truck is injured, they should seek immediate medical attention. If everyone is okay, the individual should call 9-1-1 to alert authorities who could begin investigating the crash scene immediately.

    It is also critical to take photographs of the scene for evidence. Photos of the cars can be used to determine the fault of another driver.

    Accident victims should be truthful with everyone on the scene. Police officers, EMTs, and fire department personnel may want to speak with victims of the crash. All people involved should tell these professionals precisely what happened from their point of view. Injured victims should also reach out to an experienced side-impact truck collision lawyer in Carrollton.

    Common Causes of Side-Impact Wrecks in Carrollton

    One of the most common causes of truck side-impact collisions is the failure to yield the right of way. When this happens, wrecks are more likely, and the effects of these accidents are severe.

    Depending on the speed of the truck, the effects of a side-impact could vary anywhere from superficial impacts to catastrophic injuries and loss of property. Because of the force behind wrecks such as these, it is not uncommon for injured individuals to sustain life-changing injuries. These injuries make the need for an experienced attorney all the more pertinent.

    Types of Recoverable Damages in Side-Impact Truck Collisions

    Recoverable damages in truck accidents such as side impacts do not differ from any other automobile wreck claims. A victim may file for economic damages such as lost wages past and future, medical bills past and future, and various other easily quantifiable losses. Victims may also elicit to seek non-economic damages like the loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and other conceptual losses. However, victims who wish to seek these damages should elect for the assistance of a Carrollton side-impact truck accident attorney as these damages are difficult to demonstrate due to their conceptual nature.

    Additionally, victims in these cases may often petition for punitive damages. Since many large trucks operate under a higher standard of expectations and more often are employed by companies held to these high standards, a jury may ascribe punitive damages to punish gross negligence or recklessness. These damages are meant to dissuade future negligent behavior that goes beyond typical negligence.

    How an Attorney May Help a Side-Impact Victim

    An attorney could help by acting as a liaison between the victim and insurance companies, notify trucking companies of the accident, and send a spoliation letter. These letters warn companies to save all evidence and documents because the attorney may want to inspect the tractor-trailer truck for any types of issues that could have caused the accident. Additionally, these letters would seek to preserve any logs that the negligent trucker may have kept during the day of the crash.

    These records are usually telling about how far a trucking company may have pushed its truck drivers to maximize profits by discouraging breaks, and as a consequence, increased the likelihood of an accident.

    Contact a Carrollton Side-Impact Truck Collision Attorney as Soon as Possible

    After sustaining drastic injuries at the hands of a negligent motorist, it may be in your best interests to contact an experienced lawyer who could help you through litigation. A Carrollton side-impact truck collision lawyer could help you with the claim’s process while you focus on healing. Reach out to one when you are ready to pursue action against a negligent driver.