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    Carrollton Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

    Some of the most horrifying wrecks come from large vehicles colliding with other motorists. When accidents like these happen, reaching out to an attorney familiar with these cases could be a great choice. A Carrollton dump truck accident lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you need after suffering the negligence of a dump truck driver. Call today and set up a consultation with a compassionate truck crash attorney.

    Common Dump Truck Wrecks Scenarios

    Wrecks involving dump trucks stem from a variety of reasons, and there is no one particular cause for all of them. Accidents like these could happen because of faulty lighting, speeding, or generalized negligence. Most dump trucks in and around West Georgia and East Alabama are paid per load, meaning the driver is paid every time they pick up and drop off at whatever site they need to. Typically, this motivates the drivers to make their routes as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, because of this, speeding may occur, which could lead to severe accidents involving other motorists.

    Additionally, the early operating hours of most commercial dump trucks mean that there are times where the lack of light contributes to wrecks. Anytime there is not enough lighting for motor vehicles, accidents may occur, and this is no exception for dump trucks.

    Where Dump Truck Accidents are Most Common in Carrollton

    Dump trucks frequently run up and down US Highway 27 throughout the day between commercial sites, including rock quarries near Villa Rica. These trucks also run east and west on Interstate 20. In addition, dump trucks are likely to operate wherever roadwork or construction is being done.

    The Severity of a Dump Truck Collision

    A fast-moving dump truck carries with it more force than most motor vehicles sharing the road. It takes these heavy vehicles time to slow down, and in the event they do not, the effects of their collisions are catastrophic. There are few cases involving dump truck collisions where people walk away without harm.

    Depending on what a truck might be carrying, a collision could be proportionately affected. If a truck is carrying a heavier-than-normal load and then collides with another vehicle, the wreck may well be proportionately worse. Gravel, dirt, and scrap all have varying weights and may then affect the degree of a wreck significantly.

    What an Insurance Adjuster Accounts for in Dump Truck Accidents

    Insurance adjusters look for several things when they are notified that one of their insured dump trucks has been involved in a crash. An adjuster focuses mainly on the type of safety equipment the dump truck has on it, if all the lights were working, and whether there was a black box recording the speed of that truck. An adjuster may also look into what the dump truck was hauling, how long the driver had been on the road, and what level of experience the driver had.

    Damages After a Carrollton Dump Truck Accident

    The damages sought in a dump truck accident do not differ from other car wrecks. A claimant would file to recover economic and non-economic damages like any other car accident claim. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, a lawyer may advise seeking punitive damages to dissuade a company from acting so grossly negligent in the future. This claim would hinge on whether or not the case would warrant punitive damages which are only awarded in severe cases of neglect or malice. For help with recovering damages following a wreck, seek the services of a seasoned dump truck accident lawyer in Carrollton.

    Contact a Carrollton Dump Truck Accident Attorney Today

    Surviving a wreck with a dump truck is a horrifying ordeal. Medical bills could continue to pile up while you recover. Enlisting the help of a Carrollton dump truck lawyer could help you focus on your recovery while they seek the compensation you need. Give a lawyer a call today for your confidential consultation.