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    Carrollton Logging Truck Accidents

    The logging industry in Georgia and Alabama is huge. That means there are a lot of trucks with heavy loads of logs and equipment on highways and back roads of Georgia and Alabama. One small mistake securing the logs or missing a piece of safety equipment can lead to a major trucking accident. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident involving a log truck, you need an experienced truck accident attorney to investigate the wreck and help protect your rights.

    The Georgia logging truck accident lawyers of The Parian Law Firm, LLC solely practice personal injury litigation and represent only injury victims. We are familiar with the logging industry and the specific challenges of people in the industry. We will work to discover the facts necessary to determine if the logging company should be held responsible for your injuries.

    Causes of Log Truck Accidents

    Logging companies harvest pine trees by cutting the tree very near the bottom. Those trees are then loaded onto trailers as large logs stacked very high. Those stacks of logs are then pulled by semi-trucks to the mill for processing.

    Log truck drivers get paid by the load; therefore, they take as many logs as they think possible on their loads. Trees are extremely heavy. A small accident involving a logging truck can result in major damages and serious injuries.

    Like any tractor trailer truck crash, log trucks are much larger than the passenger vehicles and trucks on the road. That size difference can cause catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death to the logging truck driver and drivers of passenger cars. A Georgia logging truck accident lawyer will make sure you have access to good medical care so you can focus on getting on the road to recovery.