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    Carrollton Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

    Each year, there are thousands of accidents involving commercial delivery vehicles. The size of commercial delivery trucks and the weight of the loads they carry pose big risks to the smaller passenger cars and trucks. A crash involving a loaded delivery truck can often cause substantial injuries to occupants of a passenger vehicle while the delivery truck suffers little damage. This can even be true when the vehicles are traveling at slow speeds on city and residential streets. If you or someone you know has been involved in a delivery truck accident, it is important to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer immediately.

    The number of FedEx and UPS deliveries each and every day is astronomical. Added to this number are the myriad of other delivery services, including local vendors such as florist vans, food trucks and furniture transport. When a delivery truck accident takes place, the financial and emotional toll can be quite heavy. Dealing with the needs of loved ones can be consuming, and without adequate financial compensation, it can be close to impossible. Fortunately, you can find help in claiming compensation for truck driver negligence by working with the Metro Atlanta Delivery Truck Accident Attorneys of The Parian Law Firm, LLC.

    Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

    Volume of packages delivered and the timeliness of those deliveries are how package companies make their money. Missing scheduled deliveries or not making enough deliveries eats into the delivery company’s profits; therefore, the drivers that don’t perform well lose their jobs. There is extreme pressure on delivery truck drivers. This causes some of the delivery truck drivers to speed or cut corners to make their on-time deliveries. Carelessness and negligence are natural consequences of such working conditions.