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    Settling a Truck Accident Case in Carrollton

    Truck accident settlements in the Carrollton civil justice system most often take the form of a check for an agreed upon amount. However, settlements also may come in the form of lump sum payments from the at-fault trucking company or driver. Additionally, a defendant may be able to agree to do or forgo an action to settle a case. If you need help settling a truck accident case in Carrollton, you should reach out to our experienced truck wreck attorneys who could help you through this process.

    Who Decides to Accept an Offer in a Carrollton Truck Wreck Case?

    The injured party is key when deciding whether to settle or go to trial. There will be offers made between the insurance companies, trucking companies, and the injured driver’s attorney as each party attempts to resolve the claim.

    In Carrollton, a claimant’s lawyer can offer their professional opinion as to whether a settlement offer is adequate based on the losses they sustained in the truck accident, but the plaintiff has the final call. Documents related to a settlement should not be executed without the claimant signing off on them themselves.

    Factors to Consider When Settling a Case in Carrollton

    Depending upon the severity of their injuries, the claimant should think in terms of future needs when considering a settlement. The injured party may have unpaid medical bills and lost wages as a result of the truck accident, but they also should take into account whether or not they may need future care or surgeries for their injuries.

    The settlement amount should include enough money based on the truck driver’s negligence for the injured driver to seek medical care for their injuries over time. If the claimant’s injuries continue affecting them, they should consider the amount of money it may take for them to care for themselves in the future and maintain the same quality of life that they had before the truck accident.

    Refusing a Settlement Offer

    Someone may refuse to take a settlement offer and instead go to trial based on the type of losses they sustained in the accident, the medical care they need, and whether or not their injuries are life-threatening or permanent. One of the most objective ways to calculate recovery is for an attorney to review the injured driver’s medical bills and their emotional losses, such as pain and suffering. Their doctors and medical records could explain how someone’s injuries are going to affect their day-to-day routine for the rest of their life. Other types of damages may include lost wages due to the accident. In general, many factors can help determine if an offer from the insurance or trucking company is fair to the injured driver.

    A lawyer could discuss any settlement offers with the injured party and make sure they have all the information needed to make an informed decision. A Carrollton lawyer can provide their professional opinion about settling a truck wreck case, but when considering whether or not to accept a settlement offer or go to trial, the final decision maker is often the claimant.

    Contact an Attorney for Help Settling a Carrollton Truck Wreck Case

    A lawyer could benefit someone settling a truck accident case in Carrollton by adding significant value to an injury claim. The attorney’s initial investigation is one of the most important steps to receiving adequate compensation.

    A legal professional may begin their investigation almost immediately after being retained because the trucking company may already have their own investigators looking into what happened, what kind of injuries the injured driver sustained, and what kind of lifestyle they lead. A lawyer should do the same and meet the trucking company head-on with information to paint the clearest picture of the negligence that caused the accident and, as a result, the claimant’s injuries.

    Semi-truck accident lawyers also could assist with medical care. Injured drivers may be overwhelmed with the prospect of medical bills and treatment, but attorneys could explain how medical care is the most important factor for the plaintiff’s health and their claim. With a truck wreck attorney, injured drivers could focus on taking care of themselves and their families while a legal professional handles insurance companies, their lawyers, and investigators. To learn how a legal professional could help you and your case, call today.