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    Settlement Process for Truck Accident Cases in Carrollton

    The settlement process for truck accident cases in Carrollton varies depending on the circumstances. However, the typical course of action is for the injured driver’s attorney to compile their medical records and bills once they have completed treatment, review them, and rewrite them without medical jargon, possibly with the assistance of a medical professional. A lawyer may then write a detailed settlement demand with the medical bills attached and send it to the insurance carrier or trucking company.

    Sometimes the trucking company has a deadline by which they must respond, which is often 30 to 60 days. Within that time, they respond with an offer in the form of a dollar amount. Once the insurance or trucking company sends this first offer, the parties may send offers and demands back and forth to see what each side’s top dollar may be to settle the case.

    Each time the insurance or trucking company makes an offer, the claimant receives it along with their attorney’s professional opinion of that offer. The claimant may then choose to accept the offer, authorize a counter-demand of a different sum, or go to trial and allow a jury to decide how much the case is worth.

    Accepting a Settlement Offer for a Carrollton Truck Wreck Case

    If an injured driver in Carrollton directs their attorney to accept a settlement offer from the insurance or trucking company, the lawyer then requests the defendant to send the agreed-upon amount to their office.

    Once the attorney’s office has received the settlement check, a lawyer would contact the claimant to discuss a detailed disbursement schedule, exactly how much the settlement is, what their legal fees are, and what expenses are involved with their case. The attorney may have a detailed list of those expenses and what they were for, in addition to anything that they owed medical providers.

    A legal professional could reach out to an injured driver’s medical providers and negotiate lower amounts for the bills. Once all fees and expenses are removed, the claimant receives a check for that grand total, and they are free to do whatever they wish with it.

    How Long Does the Settlement Process Take in Carrollton?

    From the date of a truck accident, it is unknown how long the process to receive a settlement will take. If a Carrollton lawyer tells an injured driver that they will have their settlement monies in six months or less, that attorney may not be prepared to represent them adequately. Truck accident cases involve a significant amount of time and preparation because attorneys must conduct their own investigation and interview witnesses and law enforcement officers. The time that it may take for an attorney to complete a truck accident investigation and prepare a case for a claimant can only be estimated on a case-by-case basis.

    If someone settles their truck wreck case, the monies may be in hand as soon as 14 days from the date that the settlement offer was accepted, depending on the status of this person’s unpaid medical bills. However, if their medical bills are being paid or have already been negotiated, the monies may be paid more quickly.

    How to Make the Settlement Process Move More Quickly

    In a Carrollton truck accident case, expediting the settlement process may give the bargaining power to the insurance or trucking company. If an injured claimant attempts to rush the process, their lawyer may explain to them the advantages of being patient with getting their case settled or tried. Once both parties agree on an offer, there are ways to expedite the process of receiving some monies. However, some lawyers may advise claimants that it can take approximately 20 days for settlement funds to be disbursed once all parties reach an agreement.

    To ensure that injured claimants receive their settlement in a timely manner, they should be available by phone. Once they achieve a settlement, there may be questions that the attorney still needs the claimant to answer to make sure that they have a full understanding of what is owed and any liens that they may have received. Communication with the claimant may influence the amount of time it takes for their attorney to reach a conclusion and disburse their settlement money.

    Reach out to a Carrollton Attorney to Learn More About the Settlement Process for a Truck Wreck Claim

    The settlement process for truck accident cases in Carrollton can be extremely challenging without proper legal representation. Our dedicated attorneys could help you through this process. We could work to ensure that you receive proper compensation and that you obtain your settlement monies in a timely manner. To get started on your case, call today.