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    Calculating a Settlement for a Truck Accident Case in Carrollton

    When calculating a settlement for a truck accident case in Carrollton, there is no one formula and the methods to calculate these values may differ from between legal professionals. An attorney that tells a claimant that their way of determining settlement offers is similar to how insurance companies value truck accident claims may be providing inaccurate information. This is because many factors help determine the value of a case, and legal representatives often cannot definitively tell potential claimants what their case is worth upon meeting them for the first time.

    A lawyer may be able to more accurately suggest what a case is worth once the claim is nearing completion. Additionally, insurance companies are unlikely to disclose at what amount they value a case.

    Lawyers and injured parties should be honest with each other regarding their hopes or estimates for settlement values. Overall, there is no one definitive way to calculate settlement values because of the myriad of factors that a truck wreck attorney could apply to each case.

    How Does Truck Driver Negligence Impact Settlement Calculations?

    Negligence on the part of the at-fault truck driver can change the value of cases dramatically. Negligence is a lack of care for others, and there are varying degrees of it in the legal field. Simple negligence would involve a truck driver moderately colliding with another driver in a rear-end accident, for example.

    Gross willful and wanton negligence could be applied if a trucker was driving while intoxicated and slammed into another vehicle. When calculating a settlement offer for a truck accident case that was caused by gross negligence, a lawyer in Carrollton may value this claim with a higher amount.

    Issues that Impact the Value of a Truck Accident Case in Carrollton

    In Carrollton, calculating the settlement amount for a semi-truck accident case can change based on other expenses that the claimant has from the incident and otherwise. For instance, unpaid medical bills can pose a significant obstacle when negotiating a settlement.

    Experienced attorneys may negotiate the payment of outstanding medical bills with the injured driver’s medical providers and any collection agencies involved, but that process often beings long before a case ends. However, depending on the timing of a settlement, the injured claimant may have extraneous medical bills that may need to be resolved.

    Other issues with truck accident valuation involve pre-settlement funding. Many loan companies lend money with high-interest rates. The injured driver’s attorney may suggest that they obtain such a loan if the injured driver is in an emergency situation, such as losing their home. Injured claimants should seek legal counsel before obtaining a pre-settlement funding loan, as they may start at as little as $1,000 for less than one year and balloon to as much as $13,000 in repayment.

    Other issues that could affect negotiations include child support liens in the state that the claimant lives in, as well as any out-of-state child support liens. Child support lien holders may be entitled to certain monies, and they often find out if the claimant was in an accident. It is best for these individuals to not only pay child support on time, but also to resolve any issues with their payments as quickly possible, as other liens, such as income tax liens, may not take precedence.

    Contact a Carrollton Attorney for Help Calculating a Settlement Amount in a Truck Wreck Case

    Calculating a settlement for a truck accident case in Carrollton is a difficult task without proper legal counsel. Fortunately, our diligent team of lawyers could help you through settlement talks and work to value your case appropriately. Call today to schedule or initial case consultation.